Tuesday, April 24, 2018

She's back..

So. I started a food blog, The Fancy Napkins. And it's all fine and dandy, but I don't want readers to have to read a novel before they get to the recipe. It's straight to the point. But, I'll be honest, I do miss writing paragraphs complaining about things and pressing publish, hoping to make someone laugh. Plus, Ginger on the Loose gets significantly more views than the Fancy Naps which is mind boggling.

I guess it has only been like a year or so since my last post, the longest hiatus I've had here on GOTL. A lot has happened. Ready for the quick version?

Work: I started working at Miss Browns, a restaurant in the Exchange District in Winnipeg. All day breakfast and house smoked meats. Go there as soon as you're done reading this. I also worked at Harth Mozza and Wine bar, in the south end of Winnipeg. Go there after Miss Browns. You're welcome.
Why does a person with a degree who is almost 30 years old start working in restaurants for minimum wage? Because working in an office using my degree was depressing and I love food. It motivates me. It inspires me. Not to mention, it keeps me alive in more ways than one. Plus I was making more than minimum wage anyways, so you can take your rude ass opinion and shove it. If I've learned anything along the way, you've got to do what makes YOU happy, and no matter what that is, there will always be people who try to make you feel bad about it. It's hard not to let yourself feel bad, but you sure need to try.

Life: Ian and I got married. I always cringe when people go on about their wedding being the best day of their life and so perfect and amazing and blah blah blah..... but it was. Except the weather. I was real sweaty.
We bought a house in a town two and a half hours outside of Winnipeg because Ian's job changed and so until July, we are living at the farm Ian grew up at with his parents. So technically, for the past two years we have been living out of suitcases since we went to England, then lived with Ian's aunt and uncle and then my aunt and uncle and now Ian's parents... It's exhausting to move.

Blog: Like I said, I started a blog, The Fancy Napkins. I create recipes and I write reviews of recipes I find online and in cookbooks so that you can enjoy them too. This is the dream, it's just a lot more work than I thought it would be. Hence me writing a post here right now instead of trying to cross everything off of the to do list I have had since last summer. It's pretty hard to find motivation to create recipes sometimes, not going to lie. And weekly recipes was a bit of a lofty goal so I have recently taken a small step back and will only be posting when I know I have a perfect recipe.. instead of every week after I try a recipe once.

Well, that was lovely. Maybe in my next post, I will remind you all how to behave in a restaurant because apparently treating servers like garbage is a thing.

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