Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It's been a while, eh?

Howdy doody!

I haven't posted in a long, long time. I probably sound like a broken record apologizing for not posting cause it seems to be a trend, me not posting. But I'm really going to make an honest effort to post every week because I love to write and I know so many of you check back here every day to see if I've written anything new ... that last part might be an exaggeration but no one except me can see how many people visit my blog so you'll never know the truth.

Hmm... I didn't quite think this through. I had a pretty productive evening after work and now I'm sitting on the couch watching Laguna Beach (LOL I really need a life) and I decided I wanted to blog.. but I have no idea what to write about.

I could tell you about my night so far? I've done groceries, made hamburgers and turkey burgers, baked cupcakes, done laundry and painted my finger and toe nails. Pretty busy, I'd say.

But no one probably cares about all that so I'm going to go grab my phone and I can type out all of the hilarious licence names/numbers I've been writing down for.... over a year.

I wouldn't doubt you're probably sitting there and reading that sentence and wondering what the heck I am even talking about, but it's really quite simple. One day, I was at Sobey's with Kelly (I'm pretty sure this is how the story goes) and we saw a vehicle with the licence plate number "BRN2SHP" .. my reaction "REALLY???????" I've always been pretty observant, recognizing licence plates from different provinces/territories and states, especially ones with different names or sayings. What I don't understand, is what possesses people to have weird ones like this... a) only people you know will probably understand it and b) it just looks kind of dumb to us random people. I have a few pictures but I feel like if I post them, it will be some sort of breach of privacy or something illegal cause I feel like you really can't just go and put people's licence plate numbers on the internet.... they even blur out celebs' in the tabloids so.....

I'm just gonna throw this list together, put in my two cents and hopefully you chuckle at least one time.

1. BRN2SHP - obviously, this means Born to Shop. Or maybe brown to ship? Actually, yeah... maybe that's what it actually is! It is a secret way of calling someone with the last name Brown back to the mothership. I guess, beware if you see this vehicle and your last name is Brown? On the other hand.. if it does mean born to shop.... I guess I wish I was you if you get to shop often enough that you got it as your licence plate number.

2.PUCSTPR - Puck stopper? I have absolutely no idea what else this could mean. Obviously, this individual is a goalie in hockey. Real clever, pal. You better be pretty damn good to advertise yourself like that. It's like having flashy shoes in soccer - you better be able to walk the walk if you can talk the talk.

3. UPRCUTS - I presume this is upper cuts. Like in boxing. Or maybe you are trying to advertise a boxing ring/barber shop hybrid? Either way... it seems like all personalized licence plates belong to average Joe's who may or may not be the next big thing in their respective sports.

4. FREEZE - I just can't. I don't even know what this means. I think Ian sent me this one.

5. 1DRFUL - I have a note here that I literally pulled over to write this one down so I wouldn't forget it. Guess whoever drives this car is a self-proclaimed wonderful person and maybe we should all get to know them?

6. GEDDO - Did you mean ghetto?

7. FUZZY - wuzzy wuz a bear?

8. MSKITTY - WHAT? This is just weird. This is obviously a crazy cat lady. Which reminds me that I saw one once that said something like "CATMAMA" or something weird along those lines and I think I forgot to write it down cause I wanted to just forget I ever saw it. Why did I want to forget it? Well, you've all seen those family stickers on the back window of people's vehicles? Well, there are cat stickers too and cat mama had plenty.

9. LVN LRG - Livin' large. On a Hyundai Accent. This is not a large car.

10. NOTATOY - I know it's not a toy. It's a motor vehicle.

11. TH3 ROCK - Dwayne Johnson.... is that you??????

12. SXY SRS - I can't remember which vehicle this was on.. obviously an SRS but that doesn't tell us the make and model. This just makes me think of Rod Stewart singing "If you want my body, and you think I'm sexy, come on baby, let me know" Hey, car! I don't think anyone let you know that you are sexy. Rod certainly didn't.

13. HRZ HIZ - Hers and his. That's cute. Let me just go vomit and get back to blogging.

14. MR DING - No words.

15. MRSLEEZ - Well, aside from the fact that this is way early on the list and you guys are probably getting tired of reading these..... The fact that this is early on the list is hilarious because I may or may not cut MRSLEEZ's grass ahahaha

16. TAKA EZ - I feel like this should be the mantra of every driver ever. Seriously man, take it easy.

17. MOMBO 5 - Okay, Lou Bega. .... It's mAmbo, by the way

18. BIZZYBUG - This was fittingly on a Volkswagon Beetle. Unfortunately, it doesn't make it okay.

19. STMPY - This one is just weird. I presume this is a really unfortunate nickname.

20. MYFFL12 - My really good detective skills tell me the following: 1) this person has a problem sharing (hence, MY); 2) this is a Ford Flex .. or a hearse. They look the same. And 3) it is a 2012.

21. STR8UP - Straight outta the '80s maybe ...

22. KAW KE - You are awfully cocky if that's your licence plate, yup.

Now that you've all rolled your eyes a few times, I am going to finish my laundry and leave you with a new habit: looking at pretty much every licence plate to try and find a funny/weird one.

Happy Wednesday night reading!!

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