Friday, January 16, 2015


I'm just gonna start this off by thanking all of the random people who have been checking out my blog in the past three months that I haven't written a single thing. Seriously, I haven't even logged on to here since my last post in (I'm embarrassed to say this, but really, I don't have the best track record, so I don't know how you could expect anything less) in OCTOBER, 2014. That's practically a lifetime ago. Anyways, back to the point.... I haven't logged in since October, first thing I did was check my stats and I was amazed that there was more than 5 views .. let alone over 100. So THANKS!

And now I'll start my actual blog post...

I'll be honest, I'm not sure why I haven't posted in so long. I've had a million ideas run through my mind and maybe I just have been trying too hard to think of the perfect one, because let's face it - my 'fans' deserve nothing but the best. So I'm just gonna write about my most favourite thing in the whole entire world, and I'm not exaggerating.

Snow, and I'm not referring to cocaine (is that what people even call it or no?), is absolutely my number one favourite thing in the entire universe. Why, you ask? Well, if you would just let me take a breath for a second, I'll explain it. So be patient.

The obvious, cliche answer would be "Cause I am Canadian" but that's unoriginal and really lame. I've loved the snow for as long as I can remember. Anyone who was in Longlac in 1996 will remember the huge dumps we got that winter. It's the first winter I really remember. Snow banks higher than people and snowflakes as big as my face (I was six, give me a break). There's a picture somewhere in a photo album in Thunder Bay of me and my mom standing in front of the biggest snow bank I have ever seen in a front yard and I just look like a tiny little speck. And I'm wearing the hideous hat my grandma gave to me and my cousin Kristen that winter that we refused to wear cause even at 6 and 9 we knew they were horrendous (Sorry, grandma, please don't strike me down with lightning!!) I remember my brothers shovelling the snow off of the roof of our garage and shed and jumping off into the pile - that was probably the biggest rush I ever felt! There is just something about free falling and landing in that soft, white stuff. You can do so much with snow - you can never be bored, and if you say you're bored then you're just a boring person and I don't want you raining on my snow parade.

Snow reminds me of coming home from school in the winter, walking into the house and seeing the snow fall through the big window into the back yard and smelling whatever my mom was cooking or baking cause she was in the kitchen 99% of the time. No complaints here, and I'm very grateful her talent and passion is something I learned from her (at least, no one has told me otherwise.... so if y'all are eating my cooking and baking just to be polite, time to be honest before I kill someone).

On that note, it also reminds me that winter was the only time I didn't complain when I was told to play outside. Or rather, I was literally just kicked out and not allowed in. Hated it in the summer cause it was always too hot out for me. But in the winter, I could bundle up and just stay out there for hours. I'd be lying if I said at 24 I don't feel like making snow forts every time it snows.

Snow reminds me of Christmas, my favourite time of year. My brothers were hockey players, and moved away when I was still pretty young (they are 9 and 6 years older than I am) and so summer and Christmas were really the only times I wasn't an only child for the most part. The short time they were home at Christmas was always my favourite. And the first Christmas neither of them came home, well, I hated it and have put it to the very back of the memory bank.

Snow reminds me of my winter in Fernie. Where else would it snow over a foot on closing weekend in April? I was spoiled that winter. So many incredible pow days with the mountain to myself. No friends on a pow day, they say. There is just something so magical and freeing about strapping in and just floating down the mountain in a fresh dump of snow, not a care in the world except making beautiful turns and finding your way through the trees on your favourite trail.

Snow is my happy place. It's clean, it's fresh, it has a smell that just makes me feel like nothing matters, nothing can go wrong. I love the crunch under my feet when I'm walking on a fresh layer of it. Snow brings tears of joy to my eyes. You might think I'm crazy, but think of something that makes you the happiest, does it bring tears of joy to your eyes? I love seeing kids play out in the snow. I love seeing dogs run around in the snow. Shovelling? I love that too. I used to love making big snow banks so I could make the perfect fort. Plus what's funnier than a sneak attack on someone with a snowball? When I wake up in the morning and I see that I have to brush off my car, I'm like a kid at Christmas. Honestly, that is the greatest way for me to start my dad. Snow literally puts me in a a better mood.

I am grateful for snow. I'm grateful for snow because of the joy it brings me and the memories I've made. My mom loved the snow, too, and every day it snows, I am grateful to be here to enjoy it.

Take a second to think about something you love. Think about what it is about this thing that brings you joy. Why do you love it? Do you share it with someone? What can you do to enjoy this more? This might seem silly, but I thank Mother Nature every time she blesses us with another snowfall. Everyone is so quick to complain about the weather. But here's the thing. Life is short. Make use of every day - rain, sleet, snow, or shine. Be grateful for the snow and the rain and the wind just as much as you are for the sun. We cannot control the weather, but we can control how we spend our days. (Although, if I could control the weather..... it would snow a foot every day, so all you snow haters are lucky).

I think my time on this post is up, so get out there and enjoy the things you love :)

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