Thursday, May 19, 2016

New excuse!

So my new excuse for why I haven't blogged in ages is that my computer keeps dying on me! I know I should just write from my phone, since that's what I'll be doing for the next 8 months from Europe anyways, but that's where me just being busy (or is it lazy)comes into play.

We have officially got someone to take over our apartment as of yesterday which is GREAT news because let's face it, we couldn't afford to have the apartment sit here empty while we were away. That would eat into our travel money and then we would be left eating Mr Noodles for months (honestly, we probably will anyways).

A few updates: In March, Ian and I travelled to Edmonton to complete our visa application process. Yes, Edmonton. There are only a few application centres in Canada: Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and a couple in the maritimes.. Please don't ask me why it is the way it is because I don't know the ansewr. We were able to visit my brother and his family in Red Deer and head down to God's country aka Fernie for a few days so it was a pretty great trip all around.

It literally took less than a week for us to be approved - so off we go to the UK! We leave on June 1 for Toronto and then fly from there on June 6 after my cousin's wedding. I can't believe how quickly it has crept up on us. Ian has a job as a research assistant for an agriculture company in Cambridge and me.. well, as you know I'm slow at just about everything, so I don't have a job yet PLUS my computer dying without warning every time you try and turn it on hasn't helped much. But thanks to Ian's extra work computer, here we are. I've applied to a couple of gyms, restaurants and bakeries and there may be an opportunity with the company Ian is with so hopefully I can get something soon! If I can't.. well, sorry Ian, but you already put a ring on it so you're stuck with me til death do us part.

I finished work last Friday so I could spend more time looking for work in Cambridge and start packing up the apartment. Not to mention we are trying to plan some of our wedding before we go. Don't ask if we've ordered save the dates yet. My bad.

Anywho, I just thought I should maybe post something and let  you all know that my computer has been a pain in the ass and that's why I haven't been posting... in addition to just being busy and lazy. I feel like I have a lot of recipes I teased you with on Instagram saying I was going to share... and I haven't. So, sorry for that. Maybe one day. On the bright side, we haven't invented any new recipes since the Hoser Burger, so at least I'm not holding out on my creativity in the kitchen on ya!

I'll be back again soon.

Dream big dreams, be reckless

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