Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Moving on

Alrighty, I have already deleted my Ginger on the Loose Twitter account and said goodbye from my Instagram, but I guess I should officially say au revoir on my blog as well.
What started out as just a silly way for me to get my thoughts out into the open, has really inspired me to continue writing. However, it's hard to write without purpose and that's pretty much all Ginger on the Loose was - writing without purpose. I thought maybe while we were abroad I would be consistent in my posts and have a lot to write about (that second part is true) but I just never made the effort or time to write. I've always struggled in my writing to find something important to write about. Something readers actually want to read. Let's face it, Delayed Onset Hangover Syndrome and Gym Etiquette, however entertaining, are really not something you're interested in reading. So this will be the final post from Ginger on the Loose (even though it might seem like the last one was several months ago!)
We have been back in Canada since the end of February, and somewhere along our travels (Dublin, to be exact), I said out loud for the first time what I want to do. And as far as I'm concerned, once it's out there in the open like that.. you have to make it happen! So.... this Ginger on the Loose is going to confine herself to the kitchen and work on a proper food blog. The goal? I want people to enjoy cooking as much as I do! That's probably a long shot, but I can try!! The ultimate, long term goal? I am going to publish a cookbook. And let's face it, I obviously want to find myself in Marilyn Dennis' set kitchen at some point down the road. Why have small goals?
I won't divulge any of the details right now.. mostly because I don't even know them (aside from hoping for a fall launch.. just in time for pumpkin season **eyeroll**). But I hope that when I kick it into gear and get things online, you'll follow along and invite me into your kitchen. I promise I won't make a mess :)

dream big dreams, be reckless

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