Thursday, November 18, 2010


Oh hey! Bear with me, this is my first blog and it will probably just make me sound like an idiot. So here we go ..
If you know me well enough, you know that right now I'm supposed to be studying. And you know that I've probably been sitting at my desk for a couple of hours. Aaand you know that I've done everything in my power (creeped Facebook, checked e-mail, watched an episode or two of my new obsession Friday Night Lights .. creeped Facebook again - "still no notifications, oh darn i have no friends" .. you know the feeling, don't lie.) NOT to study. So I guess Human Physiology, you're just going to have to wait another 15 minutes while I write this. :)
This past weekend I went down to Palm Springs with my boyfriend, Ian, aaaand the whole fam jam for my oldest brother's wedding. And boy was it fun. First time all the cousins were together in about ten years but it felt like we didn't miss a beat. I don't wanna brag or anything .. but I have the best family everrrr. Lots of swimming (for me, no one else was tough enough to brave the cold), lots of drinks and laughs made for a pretty nice break from university.
Ugh. University. This year started off pretty good, busy with assignments exams and soccer.. then soccer finished and marks are supposed to get better cause I have more time on my hands .. wrong. I am gonna have to pull up my socks for finals or mom and dad are not gonna be impressed. But hey! C's get degrees right!!
Uhh, I don't know what else to write about. I was thinking I'd just make this a weekly thing, to save the embarrassment of no one reading something I write every single day. Plus I should get back to studying right .. afterall, I only have two hours seeing as I got peer pressured into joining the Aggies on Destination Unknown tonight.
Oh, and I guess on  my next one I can introduce myself a little bit for the whole world (or my one or two friends that are gonna pretend to read this .. ahhaha funny thing is I can almost guarantee LT reads it seeing as she procrastinates just as much as I do) can have an idea of who I am. I'm pretty special, you'll see.

I'll think of a clever goodbye at some point in time. But for now I'll just say: Byeeeeeeeee (think Stu from the Hangover, duh.)

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