Thursday, June 30, 2011


So guys, amazing news! I just lost 100 pounds in the last two days. Water weight. It's so hot and sweaty in this city I might not make it. Seriously, we may as well have done our strength training in a sauna yesterday. Speaking of strength training in the Grotto .. I've said it once before and I'll say it again: A one piece bathing suit is not a two-in-one sports bra/t-shirt. Especially if you are over the age of 13. No, I take that back. It's just never okay no matter what age.

So I'm heading home tomorrow. Woop. Can't wait to just sit at CAMP (not cabin) and do nothiiiing. I guess I'll probably do some exercising but yesterday at practice I did say "I never want to exercise again, it's time to join the epidemic" and I was only half kidding. Honestly, how much easier would it be to just sit on the couch watching Laguna Beach eating Cool Ranch Doritos and drinking rum and Cokes and get fat than working my ass off to kick a ball around for 90 minutes. Hmm, when I type it out like that it doesn't really seem that great. Whatever. I would gladly pack on the pounds if I was guaranteed a spot on the Biggest Loser. I would be the perfect candidate: former Olympic gold medalists athlete turned big ol' fatty. One day Katie McNabb and I literally planned this whole thing out. Getting fat on purpose and having our own weight loss reality show. (I feel like I may have already mentioned this?)

Speaking of Katie McNabb, I realize I just name dropped which reminds me I promised Alison that I would give her a shout out in one of my blogs. So everyone, meet Alison Flintoft, the girl who lives in the bedroom across the hall who makes sure I'm alive awake in the mornings. And since I don't want any jealousy in the house I will give a shout out to the girl in the basement who just had her big 2-1 bday, Leah Harpelle. Obviously the good roommate I am, I baked her my family's secret recipe bday cake. Omg, aaaand so I don't get my eyes scratched out by our dog cat, shout out to Callie. The world's most interesting dog cat! Seriously, she thinks she is a dog. It's so funny.

Not too sure where I was going with this entry, just figured that I should pump one out before I go home for the weekend and don't have access to the internet cause I'm swimming in the lake :D

Just had the best random thought. It is the full-time Facebook creeper's favourite time of year. Grad. You get to spend countless hours looking at the little kiddies' grad photos. The boring ones from convocation and the pretty prom ones where you pick out pretty and not so pretty and scandalous dresses. You may have graduated years ago, and didn't even go to high school with the grads but heck, it's like Sweet Lou in Grind says "It's too easy to sit here year after year watchin the new crop roll in". But in all seriousness. You're creepy. Get a job, or just get off FB and out of the house - or SOMETHING besides creepin' on the little ones (Alastair McFadden, that means YOU .. jk love ya)

Okay well, it's time for me to leave the house because I am sweating. And doing nothing. That's a problem.

So long! Wear sunscreen!


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