Thursday, July 21, 2011

Electric barba-what?

So I'm just sitting on the couch because it's Thursday which means it's the one day of the week I get to come home and do nothing after work. I haven't been sitting here the whole time, don't worry. I've been doing laundry and made supper and taco dip for the insane team bonding weekend we've got coming up. But between all that stuff, yeah I've been on the couch. Oh, I showered too. So fresh and so clean.

So Alison and I are watching TV and I put it on MTV and this Electric Barbarellas show is on. It's terrible. They suck and .. I'd be a way better investment for MTV. Get on that.

I realize it has been a long time since I last posted and I have so many random things running through my head (OMG THESE GIRLS ARE TERRIBLE) all day every day that I should seriously get a blog app on this ghetto phone of mine so I can constantly write my thought provoking ideas for you.

I guess I'll just do what I came here to do: share with you some of the quotes I heard throughout the past two weeks of soccer camp. (Please disregard the fact that yes, I did type them into my notepad in my phone as they were spoken) Yeah, parents let me teach their kids to kick a soccer ball. Weird eh? Here goes!

"I have a purple fedora. Do you know what a fedora is?"
"I love meat. My mom and my dad and my sister call me a carnivore!"
"Have you ever been bit by a scorpion?"
"Did you let her lick you for the next three months?"
"I call him my brother from another mother"

These kids are about 8-12 years old. Classic. Just like to point out that one kid's mom picked him up and brought him to McDonald's for lunch one day where he proceeded to consume a Big Mac, medium fry, 2 chicken snack wraps AND 10 nuggets.

Last weekend Ian and I went to Toronto to catch a Jays game. I'll write about that later. And about the massive heat wave that is happening in Winnipeg that could potentially melt me.

Later skaters, time to watch Chelsea Lately.

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