Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just stuff.

So as promised, and whether you really care or not, I'm gonna write about Ian and my adventure to the wonderful world of Toronto.
I decided for Ian that his favourite part was when we were waiting to cross the street in little Italy and an old man in a white wifebeater and a gold chain said "I do things for you, now you do things for me. Mamma mia!" To what I will assume was his granddaughter. Jee whiz.
Back to my blog. We ate RIDICULOUSLY gigantic veal sandwiches (insert baby cow joke here, make me cry) at California Sandwiches with Alana and Matt.. who are lucky bums and about to head off to Europia.
I attended my very first baseball game ever, Jays vs Yankees. Got to meet up with Tom and Anne :) I wanted three things out of this game: 1) to see a streaker, 2) to see a bench brawl and 3) to see a home run. I saw three weiner kids run across the field and get arrested. Good enough for me.
Day two Ian met my 97 year old grandmother who is hilarious without trying. Then we went to the Hockey Hall of Fame where we unsuccessfully attempted to steal the Stanley Cup. Just kidding. Met up with Kristen and Brent for din then dessert at The Real Sports Bar. OMG most amazing place. 199 HD tvs, apparently there is one in every urinal!! We were literally in TO for like only 48 hours .. oh I forgot that our cab driver when we arrived looked like Robert DeNiro.
This might be my worst blog. Here's some advice for going to Toronto in the summer. Carry multiple outfits with you.. cause it's daaaaaamn sweaty. Also, if you're going to bike in that city. Apprently you are supposed to get a one speed bike and make sure it has a bell on it. And learn the etiquette of your bell too. You can't just go ringing that thing whenever you want.
OMG screw this blog. On Chelsea Lately they just showed a woman with 700 cats. Wow.
Okay enough of this terrible literature. Go see Friends with Benefits. Leah organized "roommates go out in public together for the first time ever night" and we went to see it. Laugh and a half. If you want two full laughs, however, go see Horrible Bosses.
Good talk.

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