Monday, August 29, 2011

Things I've learned

So I had my first summer away from home and here are just a few things that I have learned along the way!

- Wearing a sports bra should be a safety requirement for the riding lawn mower (you're welcome)
- It is cool to sit outside of Starbucks with your bike helmet still on .. I wonder if anyone told Gary in case he ever rolls up to one on a two wheeler instead of the ol' Audi.
- Summer courses are way better than regular ones
- When your brother gives you advice in first year about how talking to your profs will help you.. waiting til summer semester between third and fourth years to test out that theory is .. well, better late than never.
- That lady will never stop wearing her one piece as her shirt to the gym
- It really hurts when you hiccup laying on your stomach
- Going to a Jays game means your boyfriend will think he is Bautista the next time he plays ball. Then he breaks his leg.
- Biking 40 minutes to work against the wind really sucks.
- Biking 40 minutes home from work against the wind sucks even more.
- Biking 80 minutes against the wind in one day makes you want to cry, and yelling "STOP BEING WINDY" at mother nature 1) doesn't work and 2) makes you look like a crazy person to all traffic
- The guy walking across the pedestrian cross between the Pemby and the Cambridge at 9:30 AM with a 6-pack of Keystone is probably down to party
- It's really tempting to ask the guy on the motorcycle stopped beside you at the red light to trade wheels.
- I've been slacking on blogs.. I'm sorry
- My mom has an Asian twin in Winnipeg.
- Red heads DO tan.. picture of my sock tan will be posted I promise. I look like I'm still wearing socks.
- It is impossible to only drink water all night if Galbraith is out with you.
- 6 am practice means you play soccer in the dark cause they don't even turn the stadium lights on for you.
- There is no place like home :)


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