Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lucky 13

First off - only a select few know what lucky 13 refers to. Don't ask me if you want to know, find one of these lucky ducks and ask them yourself.
Second, this past weekend I babysat. Two little baby 18 year olds. New roomie Graca (who isn't so new anymore but I don't think I've introduced her to the world yet) had her bestie Hannah (Banana Hammock as Leah called her. Great first impression.) visiting from good ol' TBay.
Thursday night was Stockman's Social at the Nob featuring a Mechanical Bull - PLEASE EXCUSE THE INTERRUPTION: Why the EFF is Kohl's using Miranda Black's Friday song in the commercials? Gah, the world is just shit.... Anyways back to the Nob. There was a mechanical bull, I didn't ride it, Chloe and I made unreeeeeal grilled cheese when we got home and that's about all that is important.
So now it is 6 am Friday and Hannah arrives. I am very excited when I wake up for school. The babies went shopping for a new pair of boots for Graca.. cause.. well.. you can ask her that. HAHA. We played a whole lotta Wii 'Just Dance' and then as any good babysitter of 18-year-olds would - I took them to .. AREA. But I must admit, I did have a fun time. Especially when I had to run to the door in bare feet and wait 5 min for the door to unlock. Did I mention I had bare feet? Heels and snow don't mix so I figured I would sprint to the house not taking into consideration the difficulties Graca would have opening the door. Thank you for the piggy back Hannah.
Saturday we went to the St Norbert Craft and Bake sale, cause I'm a mom. Oooh most importantly, Graca and Hannah made rice krispie squares! My FAVOURITE. Grac and I had a co-ed soccer game where Hannah was our biggest fan. Pulled out the 3-1 W, and celebrated at Smitty's with some rye and cokes. And since I was babysitting, I took the kidlets to the Pemby. Don't really need to describe the night, it was the Pemby, afterall.
Hannah left Sunday. 
That is my adventure as a babysitter. (I do babysit real kids too, ps)

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