Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Double Whammy Wednesday

That's right folks TWO blogs today for your enjoyment.
Today I got to wait over 30 min for my second bus. Yay. But the good thing is I got to see two guys roll by in a Dodge Charger. Do you think you're gangsters? I don't get it. How do you even see over the steering wheel with your seat leaning back that far? Did you get arm extensions? Like, this isn't Bridesmaids, HOMEBOY. And guess what - come to think of it - she didn't even get the cute popo's attention like she was trying to do. So put your seat up, make yourself have good posture and turn your hat forwards, not sideways. Then maybe I won't laugh at you.
But really, who am I to laugh? I'm waiting for a bus and you're in a car. And you probably never have to take the stupid bus that never comes on time and is jam packed so you can't even get on and then you have to keep waiting and waiting and waiting for another one. (Time to breathe)
Hmm, speaking of the bus:
1) DON'T talk on your cell phone when you're on the bus. It might actually be one of the most annoying things ever. Plus I'm sitting there judging you about what you're complaining about. Not gonna lie, some things I overhear are quite hilar... but still, don't talk on your phone.
2) After you decide to sit beside me and there is lots of empty seats all around please don't put your arm right in front of me for TWO WHOLE STOPS holding on to the yellow "stop the bus" string thing before you finally pull it. All I breathed in for those two stops was your jacket. Thanks.
3) I don't understand exactly why people get on a bus for one stop. That's just plain lazy. (Unless of course you are a crazy transfer person with no time to spare, then it's acceptable). Walk. I mean, if it's cold out obviously get on the bus. But when it's a beautiful day like today, and you can see your destination from the bus stop we pick you up from.. I'm pretty sure you could walk.

Pretty sure that's all I have to complain about for today.

Later gator.

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