Saturday, April 28, 2012

Take care, Manitoba

Okay folks, grab your tissues. Here’s my last post from good ol’ Manitoba. (It’s as long as Harry Potter .. all 7 books)

It’s been a good four years, I must admit. From Wise Guys to the Nob and everywhere in between (.. and around that seeing as they are ten minutes away from each other) I have had some excellent times with some of the most amazing people I will ever meet. I remember first year (and every year) saying to myself I could never live in MB cause it’s just so flat and .. sorry guys, kinda ugly and I just couldn’t wrap my head around living here. I missed the trees and lakes and nature of TBay. I missed going out to my camp. And saying camp. But in the last few months, I’ll admit it – it’s growin’ on me, so maybe one day I’ll be back.
When I go back home this summer, I’ll miss being able to make the Gary face and not look like an idiot. I won’t be a bar star anywhere (good Nob times). And no one will get it when I do a Gillian Sidon and say “Wasteddd” when something happens to their disadvantage. Maybe I’ll start a trend, heck I might as well just call it getting Gill’ed. I’m sure I can make that work, I’ve already inspired “getting Laura’d.” Thankfully, no matter where I go I can act like a complete dinkus. Cause no one would be friends with me if they couldn’t handle my ridiculousness. TG. (Leah, you better understand that or I’ll steal your CIS BRONZE MEDAL WAHOOO SO PROUD) It’s the truth.

I’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way like don’t drink Rockstar vodkas EVER or talk to your profs about school stuff cause they’ll pick you out in class (omg, so embar). I've also learned that someone from Holland without an accent.. is probably from Holland, Manitoba. And they have a Miami here too.Such a pump fake. There’s also the “Oh, I’ll pick up my socks next semester” or the “I’ll do better next time around, this test was just to see how she tests anyway”. Well, it is now the end of my last semester of classes, all I’ve got left is fieldwork in the fall and all I can say is I’m glad I don’t have any more studying to do – cause I never follow my own advice and staying up til the wee hours studying is no fun at all. Plus anyone who is anyone knows that papers don’t start til the night before they’re due and they are hardly proofread before they are handed in; they also know that reading the textbook the day before the exam is not helpful when you have six chapters to read on stuff you don’t find interesting; these really smart people also know that when in doubt, you choose C. I could go on and on about stuff I’ve figured out, stuff I still need to figure out and of course, stuff I will just leave to the smarties. I guess my excuse this semester can be that all my midterms fell in the same week.. every time. Thanks faculty of Kinesiology! Then again, at least I wasn’t in Biomechanics at the same time as Motor Learning.. zombiiiiiies.

I’ll miss the smell of pigs on campus. Not. I’ll miss having asthma in the Grotto. Not. I’ll miss using Winnipeg transit and seeing the people in front of me eat each other’s faces. TRIPLE NOT. But then again, those are just some of the things that made me a better person.. I tried to turn that into a positive – not workin’ out for me.

I would also just like to add that this blog has been a work in progress since March. Hopefully by the time I’m done in April I’ll have better Roll Up The Rim stats to tell you (2 for 8).

So what’s next for me you ask? Well, now that I am retired from soccer (retired, hahaha) I am going to be a normal person, whatever that means. I’m not an athlete anymore and I’m sure it’s gonna take a while to get used to but I think I’ll manage. I’m gonna be in TBay for fall semester working at the hospital, it’s gonna be a great experience. Then, comes Hoedown Week... I mean, winter. I’m heading out to be a snowboard bum WAAAAAHOOOO. Or, sorry – I am going to seek employment in the rockies whilst enjoying the activity of snowboarding. YAYAYAYAYAYA! Maybs I’ll be a more consistent blogger then and you can all be jelly of my sweet adventures. Adventures. I can’t wait to have them. Being done school (almost) is one of the scariest, most exciting things I think I’m going to ever encounter. Like, what the heck am I supposed to do? I don’t get to wake up and go to class and then soccer and then watch Neature Walk on Youtube .. Oh, did I say watch videos, I meant do homework.. with my soccer girls. No one else understands Tim Riggins like Rhoni and McNabb. Everyone should figure it out and love him though. I’m not going to be able to yell across the hall at Alison or bang on the wall to Graca or lay in Leah’s bed and watch movies (Just slap it away..). GAHH The world is scary. Who is going to bake the boys of 616 cupcakes.. oh, nvm, Shanleigh will. Or, guess not cause she’s leaving too. Pam’s got a lot of baking to do I guess.

I wish I could do a shout out for everyone I have insiders with but I am pretty sure I literally have them with everyone and I’m going to get carpal tunnel if I don’t stop there. I don’t think I’m going to be able to buy Nutella though cause I’m gonna be paranoid one of my teammates is gonna smell it from Winnipeg and show up at my doorstep with a spoon and a bagel. Wait, that’s not a bad thing.

Holy baloney this is a long one. And it’s still March! Imagine all of the GREAT things that are yet to come. Okay, I’ll write again in April. I’m at work anyway and should .. uh, study or something.
It’s April. I’m 3 for 10 in Roll Up the Rim. Stats I can’t complain about. Too bad they don’t have a contest with their bagels.. cause after last week (4 papers due and Bison all-nighter) I woulda won a car.
There is seriously so much I could write about. Four years is a long time. I guess you could say I’ve grown up. I even eat the furry part of broccoli now AND cooked carrots. I’d say that’s a pretty big deal. I’ll never have as good of a sandwich as Eunice made .. except for the ones I made for myself in my month stint at Subway. Where I accumulated $9.00 in tips.

I should wrap this up. So here we go: The last four years have been my best. There’s been some ups and some downs. Some unfortunates and some real lucky’s. I’ve met some greats and some not so greats. I’m proud to say I was a Bison athlete for four years.. but I will leave the speeches to Colleen. She prob thinks I’m on the golf team anyway.

I guess I gotta thank my mom and dad for letting me leave the homestead .. and for taking me back. Without you guys I would probably not have played uni soccer .. or gone to uni in the first place. When Kristen and I open our bakery with our Kin degrees you guys will get a good discount.

I just wanna sayyyyyyyy I love you all and... I will be back :) It hasn’t hit me yet that I’m done school (almost) and that I’m gonna be gone for a year..but when it does I hope everyone is sitting beside their phones waiting for me to call them saying I miss them.

So this is it. Life advice: Listen to good music, surround yourself with great people and never, ever stop smiling. And exercise regularly. Oh, and snowboard.

Later days, Peg city.
(Guess I should go take last night’s makeup off and start packing my life away.. my dad’s gonna be here in like an hour. Too hungover for this.)
(ALSO – congratulations, you read my first novel.)


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