Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chick Flick

I went to see The Lucky One tonight with Graca and Alana (I think that's her first shout out - wudduuuppp), and boy, has Zac Efron grown up nicely (Sorry, Ian). He has definitely joined my top 5 faves, which to be honest was only a top four before he came along (1 - Ian Cook, obvi; 2 - Mark Wahlberg; 3 - Taylor Kitsch; 4 - Garrett Hedlund).

Okay, so Nicholas Sparks has brought us the Notebook, Dear John, The Last Song, A Walk To Remember, Nights in Rodanthe and Message in A Bottle (didn't know that one!). All of these movies are clear chick flicks. There is no getting around that. Majority of them are tear jerkers, although I will admit I did not shed any tonight.. except at the fact that I will never marry Zac Efron. And at the fact that I don't own the bulldog that is in the movie for like.. two seconds. It was so cute. Focus Laura.... K so, clearly, boyfriends and single guys everywhere HATE this guy. I mean, he gives girls (single or not) completely unrealistic ideas for how their love lives are going to take course. Like, seriously, get a grip, ladies. I mean, I want as much as you for it to be true that some random good looking guy is going to come help run my dog kennel and then fall madly in love with me .. but it's just not going to happen. That's why we have to leave that stuff to the movies. Not every single guy in the world is going to be as manly and caring and wonderful and good looking as the characters in these books and movies. But I still wish Logan was a real person. ... Just saying.

Okay, so back to Zac Efron.. This is a very important story so make sure you read carefully and make notes. There will be comprehension questions and a quiz later one. Here goes nothing.....

                Long, long ago (circa 2004) in the land of Thunder Bay, Alana and I discovered a show called Summerland. It was our show. We got together every Sunday night (or was it Monday?) to watch this show that had to compete with the OC and obviously lost. Long story short it is about some kids who move in with their aunt after their parents pass away. They go from inland to Cali, kinda like Annie and Dixon in 90210. Anyways, Jesse McCartney was in this show and he was definitely swoon worthy at the time. You know who else was in Summerland? A little gap-toothed weiner kid named Cameron, a character played by none other than our little Zachy-poo. Alana was a lover, but I wasn't quite sold. Then Summerland was cancelled after two seasons and we cried and cried for days and days.. afterall, I spent my hard earned babysitting money on the soundtrack - it should stay on for a few more seasons, at least! On a side not, gosh darnit, I have had the theme song to Summerland stuck in my head since I started writing. Then one day, High School Musical becomes the biggest thing since Pokemon (I like to pronounce it Pokey-man, so if you imagine me saying this out loud while you read it .. say it with me "pokey-man"). And every girl and her Grandma (just kidding, that's weird) are in love with Zac Efron. Like, what the hey! Alana and I (but mostly Alana) were there from THE VERY BEGINNING YOU POSERS. Just cause he sings .. "we're soooooarin' flyyyyyyyyin'" and is the star bballer and stuff doesn't mean you're all allowed to be in love with him too. Just sayin'.Then came the really weird Charlie St Cloud movie (I think 17 Again came in between) and that just made me not want to look at him cause it was really weird. Long story short (my fave phrase, in case you didn't notice), a while back I saw the preview for the Lucky One and almost died in excitement at how manly and grown up Zac Efron looks. Props to you, Zac.

Wow, that was a really good biography on Zac Efron, maybe someone will publish it. Speaking of publish... if anyone wants to publish my blog and make me a millionaire, it would be greatly appreciated and I'll buy you a puppy. Long story short (AGAIN) folks, go watch this movie and a) you will be in love with Zac Efron; b) you will increase the unrealistic expectations that you have for relationships because you watched another Nicholas Sparks movie; and c) there's a dog in it the whole time - gotta love a good movie dog.

And now for something completely unrelated to this blog (except for the fact that Jaide likes chick flicks and this blog was about chick flicks). Jaide, my cousin, who I blogged about previously, who every one of you looked at her website and Facebook and watched her Youtube videos and listened to her music (smile and nod) has recently informed me of a new single. So here's the link: Listen to it, it's really good! Very different from her other stuff but equally as brilliant.

I'm exhausted and don't really know what else to say. Good night, world and sweet dreams of hunky actors. xoxo Gossip Girl.

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