Friday, January 30, 2015

Public Service Announcement

I don't work til 1:00 PM today, so I'm just sitting on the couch (which I had a nap on and it isn't even 11 yet) eating my overnight oats (if you haven't had them, you should try them .. soooo good!! I'll type out the recipe that I have from my sister in law, Amanda, below) and I realize, it's Friday and my hoards of fans are probably eagerly awaiting a new post from me. Also, I feel like everything about that last sentence was super grammatically incorrect.

I'll be honest, I'm just going to sit here and type out a bunch of complaints. At this point, it's almost what you should expect from me. By now, after those two sentences, you're probably just dying to know what it is I'm going to complain about so I'll get to it.

The gym. I've complained blogged about going to the gym once for sure, but I think twice and apparently I feel the need to do it again. This time, it isn't about etiquette, it's just literally going to be me complaining about how I can't even handle 99% of people at the gym. Continue reading if you want to know why.. and stop reading if you don't care. Actually, I know most of you don't care ... so please keep reading!

I'll make a list.


1. Guys who go to the gym to get huge and think they look super cool. NEWSFLASH!!!! You don't.
2. It seems like since this whole fitness craze has hit (which I'll admit I'm super happy about seeing as the reason I got a kin degree was cause I want to make people be physically active) one of the top priorities of gym goers is to have a sweet workout outfit. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the look good, feel good attitude, but when you are more concerned with looking good than working out, I have a bit of a problem with it. Or should I just ignore that and be happy you are being active? Welcome to my life, everyone.. I literally question everything I think of and see every side and it makes it really confusing to have an actual opinion.
3. People who don't wipe off their equipment.... especially mats. Cause mats are probably what catch 90% of my sweat - which means your sweat is probably on it too and I don't wanna lay in your sweat. Thanks.
4. People who don't re-rack their weights. Oh my gosh, don't even get me started. You took them off the rack, HOW hard is it for you to put them back???
5. Those who feel it is necessary to be on their phones. We are so obsessed with our phones. I hate it. I'll admit I'm constantly on mine, but when I'm at the gym, it is my time for myself and I'm not gonna be on my phone. What's worse than people sitting on bikes or walking on treadmills staring at their screens?? That would be the ones who find it necessary to actually carry on a phone conversation. Seriously?? Like, I feel like the person you are talking to would prefer you call them after when they have your undivided attention. And if you are gonna talk on your phone, don't talk loud enough for the entire gym to be in on your conversation. I'm sure at some point, Bob over there on the elliptical thought you were asking him whether or not you should wear the pink or the blue and he probably thought about it for a long time deciding which would look better.(That was a really weird sentence)
6. This isn't really something that fits on this list... but I usually go at the same time every day - right after work. So if I don't go to yoga or to a fitness class, I go on the treadmill, and everyone knows around 5:00 pm is like the worst time for television, right? Like it's just Dr Phil and all those crazy shows. So what's worse than having to stare at a Dr Phil episode while you're running? The SAME episode you saw the week prior. I know this doesn't fit on the list, but I just had to get it out there.
7. People with bad form. Not because I'm a snob and I think people are exercising wrong but because it's unsafe. I spent a lot of time in university learning about exercises and if I am gonna remember anything I learned, it's something that should really just be common sense - learn the exercises properly and use proper form or you're going to get hurt. It is the worst when you're in a fitness class with an instructor - and they can clearly see whether or not people have proper form, but they don't do anything to help out where it's needed. But then at the same time, should I be helping people? Like who am I to go up to Sally and be like oh hey, you should probably do that exercise like this so you don't get hurt... I realize this is nowhere near the magnitude of a car accident, but it's almost like seeing a car accident and just driving away when you could have helped. Okay, this point is going downhill fast. On to the next one.
8. People who don't put locks on their lockers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When it's busy and you look through seven lockers full of clothing before you finally find an empty one... that's so frustrating.

I work out in the women's only section of the gym mainly because I don't want to have to see all the guys who think they are god's gift to women (NOT saying all male gym goers are like this, btw) cause they irk me. But I guess I should venture over there cause I'm sure I'll find some really great things to blog about. Speaking of which, I just remembered about the guy in yoga who put his mat like a foot away from mine. Like we would have for sure hit each other during the class.... but I'm gonna blog about yoga one day so you're going to have to wait and read it to find out what happened!

Went bowling last night so I'm also looking forward to writing about how weird bowling alleys are. Lotsa topics up my sleeve..... I don't have an excuse not to blog now, you're welcome!!!

K I better go make myself look presentable for work since I'm an adult and all.

Have a great weekend! Be safe and don't be that person at the gym talking on their phone.

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