Monday, October 19, 2015

Pumpkin take over

This year was the first time I decided to hop on the pumpkin train. However, after only buying one can of pure pumpkin, it seems like I will never get off this train. Not because I have enjoyed baking with it so much, but because I literally made three things and still had some leftover. Like literally before this I have only ever had pumpkin pie and probably one PSL from Starbucks - neither of which I made on my own. Oh and really yummy muffins my sister in law Anne made last year... I think those were pumpkin?

It all started when my friend, LT, told me she made a really yummy pumpkin square and I asked her to send me the recipe. I printed it off and put it in my planner to save it for a rainy day. Then the next day, I was on Instagram and +Oh She Glows (oh my gosh how cool is that that I just linked her website...) had posted a homemade pumpkin spice latte recipe that she adapted from Paleo-Ish on a Dime. I may not be a vegan, but I absolutely love Oh She Glows, so I looked at the ingredients and when I realized the only one I didn't already have at home was a can of pure pumpkin, I decided to stop by the grocery store. Once I got home, I realized I don't have an espresso maker .... or a steamer ... or espresso. So my latte was really just coffee with PSL spice in it but who is actually keeping score, right?? It tasted okay, but I knew I needed it to be a legit latte for it to be fantastic (I even commented on the OSG blog and Angela answered me with pretty much that exact advice). I have been stirring this spice into my over night oats, and let me tell ya - it's amazing! If I liked regular hot oatmeal, I would stir it in there too - as suggested by Angela from Oh She Glows.

So that same evening, I realize that this 796 mL can of E.D. Smith Pure Pumpkin doesn't even have a dent put in it and I'm going to have to make the cake that LT sent me. It is 10:00 PM and I'm about to bake a cake .. partly because I have an open can of pumkpin and partly because I was watching my PVR'd episode of Marylin Dennis and whoever was on her show was making little pumkin pies. (I really should remember that I need to take photos to upload so you guys don't have boring words to read all the time.) I don't actually have a cake pan, but luckily I had two tinfoil pans. Luckily for two reasons. 1: I can actually bake this cake because I have something to bake it in and 2: if it is already divided into two, I can bring some to my aunt and uncle instead of me eating two cakes because who knows when Ian will be in Winnipeg because his work is so busy right now. By the way, this cake was AMAZING. I didn't make the icing because I didn't have cream cheese, but it didn't even need it! Although, to quote LT: "The icing is killerrrrr". Next time, I will definitely try it out. Plus my aunt and uncle dummied their pan in one night, so it's obviously good. My cake? Well, there are still pieces in the freezer because for once in my life I decided eating an entire dessert on my own was a bad idea. (PS if you care about your health..... don't make this cake. But I still think you should make it cause it's SO MOIST. And not moist like the cookies Jennifer Coolidge eats in Cinderella Story the crumble out of her mouth, actual moist that is tasty and you want to eat approximately 5 cakes)

Okay, so, we are at TWO recipes from one can and still.... there is more pumpkin. I seal the remainder in a container and decide that I'm going to have to search Pinterest for something good.

Pinterest brought me pumpkin protein cookies (with white chocolate chips!!!). I had to make a trip to the Bulk Barn to make these (might I add that this was after I picked up my car in the morning by rollerblading because I drank the night before.... ROLLERBLADING!) to get the chips and protein powder - and I didn't even get candy! Yay me! Again, long story short.. I need to work on my photography skills because the photos I took while making these are really terrible and I'm not going to post them. What I am going to post, however, is all of the recipes I talked about today. I need to think of a better way to store these cookies, though because they got kind of soggy-ish in my cookie jar. If you make them, and have a good way to store them, please comment and let me know!

Finally, after making THREE recipes with ONE can of pumpkin.. I am tired of eating pumpkin and still had some leftover, so I just stuck it in a container and put it in the freezer until I can think of something else to make. I better think of something soon, cause come November, I will be on a Christmas baking spree and I will be like the Tazmanian Devil in the kitchen.

Here are the links to all of the recipes I used. LT just sent me a Word Document, so that's what I'll give you and then the other two were online. It's still pumpkin season for a few more weeks and I highly recommend trying all of these recipes out, so ENJOY!!

LT's Pumpkin Square
+Oh She Glows Homemade Pumkin Spice Latte with Salted Pumpkin Spice Syrup
+Vitacost White Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Protein Cookies

Next Monday, I fully intend on having photos and a recipe of something I decided to invent. Keep in mind, I am in no way guaranteeing something that tastes good....

dream big dreams, be reckless

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