Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Another one from the kitchen.

Since Sunday afternoon, I've had a pretty hard time thinking about what to write about this week. Sunday is also the day I'm supposed to be posting new material, so obviously I could only start thinking about it on Sunday, not a day sooner. Can I get an amen from my fellow procrastinators?? Then yesterday, Monday, I still didn't know. 

I had some down time today at work and was thinking about what to make for supper tonight. I looked at Google and Pinterest for a while and just wasn't in the mood for anything I saw. Nothing caught my eye! I was also a little distracted by the fact I couldn't decide what to blog about either. Then it hit me, the never fails (okay, failed once cause I didn't like the cheese) Grilled Cheese Social. Naturally, it's in the favourites on my phone so I skipped on over there and opened up the Grilled Cheese Recipes. I opened several that I fancied (look! I'm becoming British!) and finally at the end of the day when Ian said "What about that baked potato grilled cheese?" when we were deciding what to eat I said "WAITAMINUTE" and pulled out my phone. We decided on "Montbrie Cristo". First of all, GCS' plays on words and cleverness might kill me. Classic. I think she is my spirit animal. (Her name is MacKenzie and she has a million credentials and has THE life. But I would feel weird typing and calling her by name like we are besties who watch Gossip Girl, drink wine and eat nachos - or grilled cheese - together because we have never spoken or met.. So she shall remain nameless hereafter). 

I screen shot the ingredients and we ripped down to our bank appointment (long story short, getting a bank account in England is way too difficult.), grocery store and bike shop as Ian had to get his flat fixed (his first! But wait.. It gets better) before hitting the open bike path ... Full of tourists, commuters and cows.. home to cook up a storm. Except that isn't exactly how things panned out. Ian got another flat tire. Two tires, two days in a row! He certainly upstaged my two tires in four days! So we stopped so he could repair it as we were still about four miles from our village. The repair, however, didn't quite work this time and let's just say the tire ended up in the bush.... I cycled ahead to get home and cook. Well, poor Ian.. It started POURING. I'm a nice fiancĂ©e and put on some tea and laid out some comfy dry clothes for his eventual soggy return. 

Now, time for the good stuff. This sandwich OH MY GOSH. It is literally the greatest thing I think I have ever eaten. Here's the link and some little tidbits..
First, we didn't use French bread because they were out of it at the store but the loaf we got was pretty comparable. We made a mistake and sliced it too thin, but it still worked great. So I would say, get it a bit thicker if you're using the machine at the grocer or just use a serrated knife at home. 
The jam was one of the first things we could taste and it really got our tastebuds excited for what was the come, so lay it on medium-thick. 
The ingredients list says Wisconsin Brie but I think the chances of finding that in England are like finding .. Yeah I don't have a comparison so just insert your own there. We used the cheapest one we could find, cause we are on a tight budget. It was just regular old store-name-brand Brie that melted just fine! I don't think for my health this sandwich needed more cheese, but for the photo op, it did because you can't really see it in its melty, gooey glory. 

Turkey and ham - how can you go wrong? We just grabbed it from the deli section of our grocery store and away we went. Make sure you don't get some weird type or flavour. 
The green onion added a surprising balance to the sandwich. The jam is sweet and the meat is salty and then someone the onions just make everything come together. 
If you don't add the next layer of cheese, chances are the top bread won't stick very well to the meat and onions solely by the jam - so add that cheese!!!
Now, I think one of my favourite parts of this sandwich was the outside - dipped in French toast batter. I used one egg, enough milk that I thought would cover three sandwiches and a dash of nutmeg. I usually use cinnamon in French toast but I wasn't sure about it on the sandwich, so I didn't use it today. 
Directions say to put butter on the pan and let it bubble before you add the sandwich to it... Amaziiiiing. I had the heat up pretty high and I don't think I really turned it down. Our sandwiches were nice and crispy!
I HIGHLY recommend you stop everything you're doing right now to go to the store for the ingredients and grab your frying pan to serve up some of this deliciousness. I promise you will not be disappointed. 
Until next time!

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