Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It doesn't get any better than ..

Listening to Celine Dion's Christmas CD "These Are The Special Times." It's definitely in my top Christmas CDs. Tonight at strength training Sarah brought me the CD to rip to my computer and I decided I'm listening to it in it's entirety before I can go to sleep. That excited.

So this blog's gonna be short but sweet. Just my top Christmas songs/albums of all time. Give 'em a listen and bake me some Christmas cookies while you're at it. Or better yet, I have a feeling you could get in a real good work out listening to some of these songs ahaha ..

Well here goes:

Celine Dion - These Are the Special Times -  just listen to the whole CD. It's amazing. Plus, it has Feliz Navidad on it, as far as I'm concerned any CD with that song is a winner. And her duet with Andrea Bocelli "The Prayer" is b-e-a-utiful.

Kenny Rogers - Christmas in America - Great song off a great Christmas disc. This is the name of the CD and the one song that I always think of when I think of Kenny Rogers .. youtube wouldn't know good Christmas music if it bit it in the ass seeing as this song isn't anywhere to be found.
Rita McNeil - I Saw Three Ships - I think that's what it's called? Everyone in the universe sings this one but Rita takes the cake. No pun intended. (You were ALL thinking it!!) .. youtube is lacking in the christmas video department cleeeearly so here's an equally as good one

Britney Spears - Santa Can You Hear Me - from the Platinum Christmas album .. so good. It was from the pre psycho stage of her life, so you almost believe that she still believes in Ol' St. Nick.

N*SYNC (Yeah, I put the * in it. So what.) - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays - you can't help but sing along. It's classic boy band.

Hanson - Snowed In - I can't actually remember any of the songs from this .. TAPE .. yeah, I had the cassette tape .. but I do know I listened to it non stop and will likely give it a whirl when I'm home in a couple of weeks. <-- puure beaut.

Gonna go build a snowfort now. (just kidding it's freezing out and I just got outta the shower)

- Frosty the SnowWOMAN.
OH ahah I just thought of a better one that suits the blog .. Laura the GINGERbread woman.

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