Sunday, November 28, 2010

M&M overload

I feel sick. And it's not because I went on a hot date with Captain Morgan last night. It's cause I decided to get buy Peanut M&M's today for a study snack .. Well, I haven't started studying yet and I'm stuffed to the brim in M&M's. Ughhhh .. Not to mention the McDonald's I ate at 11:30 last night after work. I really need to learn about moderation.

Listening to Christmas music on XM Radio right now. Loving it. Just makes me so happy! The Celine Dion Christmas album takes the cake though. And Kenny Rogers 'Christmas in America'. Two great discs. My favourite thing about this saeson, is coming home when my mom's already got the carols on in the house and she's baking and it's snowing. The snow is a key factor in that combination, without it.. it's just not the same.

Christmas traditions.. everyone's got 'em right? In our family it's new pyjamas on Christmas Eve. That's one of the main things I look forward to on  Christmas. .. Another one would be Christmas morning brunch. Thaa best. Homemade cinnamon buns mmmm! And of course, moost important would be spending time with the fam jam. Last year - worst Christmas I've had cause no brothers made it home. This year I'm pretty sure one will be home, so that's an improvement already.

Screw the Freshman 15. Christmas 100 is on it's way. Seriously. There's endless parties which means TONS of apps and desserts that cannot be anywhere near good for your health. Plus alcohol which we all know doesn't have zero calories. And then there's Christmas dinner which can be Christmas Eve/Christmas Day/Boxing Day depending on your family size/friends' traditions. We usually do a garlic shrimp dinner on Christmas Eve, giant turkey din Christmas Day (and the big brunch earlier) and then a friend's house for Boxing Day. SO MUCH FOOD IN MY BELLYYYY!! Makes me the world's slowest snowboarder. And I'm okay with that cause come January I'm back at school, and while Leah and I do eat well, we don't eat as well as we would at home. We're busy students with sports to play and school work to do .. and blogs to write ahaha

So I'm not even gonna read this one over. I've handed in multiples of essays without proof reading them cause at 4:30 am you just wanna print it out and hit the hay. And I manage to get decent marks on those. So if you're reading this and gonna comment on my spelling/grammar/format/blah blah blah .. you have way too much time on your hands and should offer to a)write my lit review for research, b)write my anatomy lab quiz tomorrow c)learn all my human phys/pass my exam for me d)all of the above

Later days,


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