Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December already.

I know what you're thinking - "Jeez, Laura is really slacking on posting new blogs. My life just isn't the same with my regular dose of her own life." Well ladies and gentlemen here's another post juust for you.

But seriously, I'm sorry for being MIA, I've had lots going on. This blog was my way to procrastinate from studying and now I procrastinate writing my blog. Funny how that works. So since I've last blogged my life has consisted of eating at Degree's, Kelsey's and two trips to Dairy Queen. As well, I had my first night out to the Cambridge. Which woulda been a great success had we not been cut off after TWO drinks. Because the people we met up with were pretty hammered and it was assumed we were too. Booooo.

I brought Roy G Biv out that night. You know, where you do a shot of each colour. Well I didn't succeed .. or even start, so I'm saving it for another night I guess! Perhaps the 20, after I write my last two exams. In the same day. Ughh..

Time flies when you're havin' fun eh? December already which means exam. Our school has THE worst exam schedule.. ever. Pretty sure there are people writing all the way up to the 23! Merry Christmas to you too U of M. Not, you guys are bitches. Seriously, wtf. So dumb. Not everyone lives in Winnipeg and doesn't have to travel hours and hours home. I'm lucky I get to fly and it's only an hour flight. It's around an 8 hour drive though. Imagine having a 6pm exam on the 23 and then having to drive 8 hours. Nooo thank you. So unfair. I have friends at other Unis (in Ontario, so naturally they're way better ahha jk.) and they are home so so soo much earlier!! Like, going home the day I have my first exam. Such BS.

I have my anatomy bell ringer this coming Tuesday. So exciting. I love having one minute per question x 55 questions on stuff I don't know that well. It's so much fun. Not. Who am I kidding? It's the worst possible thing.

Okay, I've ranted and randomly written enough about nothing of importance so I'll stop writing and cook some supper now (that's another way I procrastinate, cook and listen to Christmas music). You've also just procrastinated pretty hard seeing as this blog literally talks about nothing important. Maybe I'll read the paper one day and talk about some worldly stuff. That's highly unlikely though.

I guess I could sign off with some inspirational quote I stole from somewhere, don't worry I won't pass it off on my own, not that you wouldn't be able to tell that obviously they aren't my own words. And remember - it's not good to sit in a chair and study for hours and hours and eat M&M's like me. So get up and move around, go to the gym, have a dance party with your roommate... just give yourself a little break! Your brain will thank you and so will your GPA. Okay that part I made up, but seriously do it. Mmm, time to make Shake and Bake

Here's your quote: You have a choice. You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off of your face. (Gatorade)
Stay classy San Fransisco.

PS - I don't proofread these.

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