Saturday, December 11, 2010

All I want for Christmas is ..

A puppy and an elephant. Who'da thunk.

But seriously, ever since my baby Patsy went to puppy heaven I just want a new dog sooooo bad. Not that any dog could ever replace my little (insert ten million nick names I had for her here, including Poo Head. Yeah, you heard me), but maybe juuust maybe it could fill in the little spot in my heart :)

As for the elephant. You know they have those wildlife programs where you can adopt and support a wild animal or whatever .. it's like getting a foster child .. I wanna get myself an elephant. My faave animal since I got my stuffed Sharon, Lois and Bram elephant from my Grandma when I was like five. I just want one real bad. Then it's an excuse to go to Africa. How sweet would that be at customs when they ask "Business or pleasure" and you get to say, "I'm visiting my elephant, pleasure obvi." Just like that.

Ultimate Christmas gift I ever had. I can't remember really. But I will never forget when I got my Barbie Mansion. Ahhh BEST thing ever. It had a sweet balcony and a kicthen and living room and big bedroom upstairs. Weeoooo I loved playing Barbie :) I also remember one year Tom got my a Beanie Baby, when all I ever spent my money on was Beanie Babies .. So I was pretty jacked about that too. Frick it's probably so easy to buy presents for little kids. They want everything. Now that I'm older it's like, uh, well I need oven mitts and a jacket. Then you get all your fam jam wonderin' what you want and you don't have an answer cause, well, you don't really know. Cash please. Aha.

My favourite part of Christmas is getting together with family. I don't really care about anything else .. except Christmas dinner. Last year was my worst Christmas cause neither of my brothers made it home. So I was grumpy for the first week of my break. I'm used to them only being home for a couple of days cause of hockey, but no days was too much for me to handle. Just a grumpy Gus on Christmas, my parents were none too pleased.

Uh, I guess my designated procrastination/study break is over so .. Here's a little quote for you again since I forgot that I was gonna put one at the end of every blog now .. I get them from the Runner's World website, they used to email me motivational quotes everyday. Then I realized that they really weren't motivating me at all cause I would have to go on my computer to read them, then I'd get side tracked and go on creepbook for hours and hours til bed time and then realize - Oh, I never worked out. Oh well.

So here it is: We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.
- Jesse Owens, American track and field athlete and four-time Olympic gold medalist
Aaand to say goodbye, here's some life advice: get bunk beds, that way you have more room for activities.


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