Sunday, December 12, 2010

Miley Cyrus drug scandal.

Well it was bound to happen one day. Me talking about Miley Cyrus.. and I guess her having a 'drug scandal'. It has taken me a few days to decide to actually blog about this since the video (which I've sadly watched three times) came out.

So. First, I guess I can admit I like the girl. Hated her Hannah Montana TV show but love love loooved the movie - no idea how. So then I decided, 'hmm, I guess I like Miley Cyrus'. But seriously, what's not to like. She is basically leading the most unreal life. Travel around, take some pictures, sing a little, pole dance a little.. ya know, just do some cool stuff. I'll be the first to say I'm way jealous of her lifestyle and she's only 18 (just turned) years old!!

So now there's a video (thanks, TMZ, I love ya) showing little ol' Miley enjoying herself with some help from a bong. Now, I really don't know anything about recreational drugs cause I don't do them, so I apologize if I sound like an idiot using words I think are supposed to be used in these sentences lol. Or I could just skip anything that might make me sound stupid to a drug user and post the link to the video.. win win situation.
so try that and if it doesn't work, obviously just go to and you will find it there.

What's Billy Ray think of all this? Well obviously he's a little more upset than when someone had the balls to tell him his mullet is horrid. In true celeb fashion he Tweeted about it. "So sorry...blah blah blah.. I had no idea .. blah blah blah." Obviously that's all he can say to the world. Plus it's not like you can ground MiCy can you? She's 18.

So what's next for the youngster? There were pics of her 'drinking' and partying at the Europe VMA's a month or so ago and her bday outfit was pretty scandalous if you ask me. Is she gonna go the route of Britney or Lindsay!? But what do I know. I'm just a lowly little wannabe celeb blogger trying to get a university degree and stay on top of celebrity buzz. It's a hard life I lead.

I could say I just turned my blog into a celebrity gossip blog, but I can't. Cause I live in Winnipeg where I get the news AFTER Perez posts it not while it happens. Plus I don't think anyone would really wanna read it. Frick if I was as good as Perez. Wow, just unreal.

Now that you've for some reason just read all that, I'm going to get back to learning the origins, insertions, main actions and innervations of all the muscles of the upper body. WOO HOO.

Something for you to learn then:
Muscle - Coracobrachialis
Origin - Coracoid process of the scapula
Insertion - Medial shaft of the humerus
Main action - Shoulder flexion and adduction
Innervation - Musculocutaneous nerve

No quote today - I don't feel like opening my email and searching for a good one.

Au revoir.

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