Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm sorry

.. that I have kept you all waiting so long for my next post. I was a hermit during finals (which is no excuse since I was at my desk with my computer) and then I got home for Christmas and had no time cause I was here for like two days then went to Toronto and now I'm back and ready to blog.

But I don't know what to blog about. I could blog about how sad it makes me to see how many people are literally sleeping in the streets of the T dot but that would just make everyone sad. I could blog about how obese I've become during the holidays but that would just make ME sad. Hmm what to do, what to do.

I've promised my roommate that I would write a blog about normal roommates vs the two of us gong shows but I'm not quite ready to do that, so it'll come in time. By the end of the Christmas break I'm sure I'll have it out here.

How about school. Since we have a nice little break from it, I'm sure everyone is missing it deeeeearly. Not me. I really don't like school and spend most of my time wondering why I'm even there. I mean, don't get me wrong, at the end of the day I really want my degree but is being unhappy really worth it? What's the point of moping around cause I have to go to school, when really.. I don't actually HAVE to go. No one is forcing me to go, and it will always be there. But so will the mountains. That's where I wanna be. Screw flat Winnipeg. I wanna be out west riding day in and day out. Just me and my snowboard and some fresh pow. That's the way I wanna roll. But it's unrealistic right? Hmm, I feel a nice little rant coming on about this, but I think I'll stick to school.

Oh, here's a good one. Why is it that some people can just skip every class and still pass? While I bust my ass to get to all the classes and study for hours and hours and hourssssssss and still fail? It's not fair. Then I waste time wondering what the hell I did to deserve this punishment THEN I waste time wondering what else I could be doing besides school. Well, the list is pretty much endless: travel, snowboard, work a sweet job, teach snowboarding, nanny, live at home and work (this option includes most likely free rent if I play the "Well Tom and Neil lived at home forever" card, and food on the table), I could aactually make it to the gym everyday without thinking "Oh, I just wasted like two hours I could've used to study".. Okay so maybe the list isn't endless but it still sounds way better than going to class, reading, learning, doing assignments, writing papers, getting shit grades for hard work, writing exams. On and on and on. Add being a varsity athlete to the mix and there is another giant weight on your shoulders. Practice everyday, possible travel on the weekends which means missing class, I feel like I get less homework done on home weekends, napping which takes away from study time.. PLUS we have to practice off campus now which means there is travel time for that. This is probably all gibberish, for that I apologize. But I guess long story short is: Why do we put ourselves through so much stress for a little piece of paper that might not even get us a good job anyways. I mean, yeah, it's a sense of accomplishment that you have a university degree, but in the long run Joe Shmoe with no education can still get a good job and won't have university debts to pay off so he's better off no? I guess not for sure, but it still sounds pretty good.

This is probably the most random, ranting, no sense making blog I've written. But I feel like it's probably the only one that will ever make you think about what the heck you're doin' with your life. I think society just puts too much pressure on young people to finish high school, go to uni, get a job and live a boring 9-5 life. And for all those kids that say "No, I'm going to do it my way and travel and see the world and theeeen go to school", I have so much respect. I don't have the balls to do that. Which is why I'm stuck here on my ass ranting about it rather than actually doing what I want to with my life and not what everyone says I should be doing. On a side note, I'm procrastinating going to the gym right now hhahaha.

Okay, so I guess I'd better figure my life out now that I have an extra semester of school on my plate. Yippee. Not. Ugh.

Here's a little something from SELF Magazine: Be fearless. If you make only one resolution this year, let it be to live boldly. You control this moment: Rather than cautiously test the water, dive straight into life with freeing abandon. Imagine the person you want to be and the life you want to live, then simiply commit to them. Believe in yourself. Embrace your beauty. Discover a new passion. And whatever you do, wherever you go, don't be afraid to make a splash.

Laura. Out.

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