Thursday, December 16, 2010

New obsession

PJ Simas.

Go to that link and listen to all of the music. It's actually so unreal. I am officially fascinated by this guy. In his bio it says he maintains over a 3.0 GPA in some kind of engineering I don't remember .. engineering. Wish I had his brains and creativity.

How did I find him? Well since Limewire is no more and for some reason Frostwire keeps detecting a firewall even though I turned it off (any suggestions!?) I have to listen to music on Youtube. I have been listening to Castle Walls - T.I. feat Christina Aguilera (listen to that too .. do it, it's good) a lot and I saw that someone had a cover of it and in the picture he had a guitar so I was thinking it would be Boyce Avenue-ish. But it's not! Very different cause he's a rapper.. then I saw he had a tooooon of stuff and his own page and stuff. So I went to his website and now I'm telling everyone in the world that reads this (all three of you?) that you haaaaaaave to give him a listen. I will most likely be advertising him to my Facebook world too. No wonder why people become famous from Youtube videos.

I think the part that intrigues me most about him is that if you saw him walking down the street .. he does not fit the stereotypical rapper look. At all. See, now you haave to go to the website just to see what I'm talking about. Gee whiz this is exciting.

Umm, yeah I just decided I should write about it .. but since I'm not music review-smart I'm just gonna leave it at: go listen to it and see for yourself how good he is :-)

Back to studying - two exams down, three to go!

To infinity and beyooooooooond!

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