Saturday, January 15, 2011


So I apologize that it's been approximately two centuries since my last post. Life happens and I don't have a heck of a lot of time!!

So. Since last time, I've gained about ten pounds, grown a moustache and shaved my head. Just kidding on the last two, that wasn't even really that funny. On a more serious note, today is the last day of Hoedown Week. One of my favourite things about Hoedown, is that after Eat Y'er Hat social, you literally see straw hats EVERYWHERE on campus for a solid week or two. I even climbed the little statue thing in the Geer building to put a hat up there. I hope I don't get in trouble!

I know you're sitting there reading this wanting to know every awesome detail, so I will tell you. I'm currently on day four of my Hoedown bender, but opted out of the pubcrawl to save on pesos and dignity. You really think I would last from 10 am til supper time even? Not likely. Especially since I went to bed at like 5am -  Eat Y'er Hat after party at 616 .. success.

Okay so. My hoedown fesitivies go like this:

Wednesday - karaoke at the Nob, one of my most favourite bars everr, close second to Wise Guys (RIP). Excellent evening filled with crazy singin' Aggies! Not to mention, the drinks are cheap at the Nob and they have reallly reallyy good popcorn. Just ask Mac Ross, you need to see this guy eat the popcorn, it's a real treat. I've also been told that him eating McDonald's is the 8th wonder of the world. Leah was my chauffeur that night cause she's got races today so we got the BEST McDonald's I've ever had while under the influence. Just saying. So we get home, and Leah still has a school assignment to do. It's 2 am. And I insisted that since she came out with me, that I would stay up until she finished her paper. I am the best friend ever. Just laid there on her bed mumbling about how I wouldn't go to sleep til she did haha.

Next night. My favourite night of Hoedown - Goin' Hard at Whiskey Dix. Success. Except U of M is an idiot and decided we wouldn't get any buses back to the school so we had to find our own rides! Boooo! But besides that, the night was perfect. The music at Dix is always super good.. I also just realized this is getting kinda long so I will leave my Thursday to your imagination.

Friday - Eat Y'er Hat. 'Nuff said. I worked til 10ish and then headed over to a pregame briefly before the social. SO busy! I don't remember there being that many people last year, although I'm sure there was. Found a straw hat on the ground that I claimed for then night, managed to cut lines (sorry.) and had a ball. After party at 616 was excellent and now the boys are headed to the Nob to start off their liver failure with a pancake breakfast. Mmm, now I want Cora's.

Frick, I really need to work on my blogging skills, these aren't that good. Although I get raaaave reviews from everyone that wants to stay on my good side :)

Nice day of homework ahead for me and McNabb then Nel's hockey game and then we're gonna meet up with the slopshow pub crawlers at Rockbar after the game. I will be sporting my game worn Minshull jersey, don't worry. Priorities.

Gonna go take off my makeup and change into some sweatpants and get my life back into one piece instead of ten million little ones all over the place.

Love you forever probably.


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