Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gym etiquette.

So it has been nearly a month since my last post, and for that I apologize, cause I KNOOOOW how much you all love reading my blog and hearing me rant about things that do not actually matter in this world (although, if I might say so myself.. from the amount of people telling me what kind of hangover they are suffering I guess my blogs are quite educational and I'm truly sorry you've had to wait so long to learn something else from my big ol' head of knowledge!!).

Okay, so as a regular gym goer (because I'm a varsity athlete and HAVE to go, not because I WANT to go.. just sayin') I tend to people watch. Don't get creeped out, it's not like a stalker-ish people watch, it's more of a "Hmm, I'm going to make up your life story Mr Short Shorts" then I decide that he still thinks he's in the 80's, he's married with three children who hate his short shorts and mid-calf length tube socks. He's a professor and just got into running because the doctor told him to. Now of course I am most likely completely wrong, but it's fun. Played this game with my mom at my brother's college graduation down in Wisconsin.. so much fun.

So I guess I should just get down to the point. While I'm watching you at the gym and making up your life, I'm also judging you. Just thought I'd throw it out there. Not judging like, "Omg that person should probably lose 100 lbs before they actually step out into the public gym". Never ever ever ever would I say something like that, SO rude. I have soooo much respect for everyone that goes to the gym because they're doing their heart some good, and let's face it .. The world is not a healthy place. I love the Golden Arches just as much as the next person, but seriously, if you're not a regular exerciser, at least walk to McD's or something.

Oh boy, I feel a good rant coming on. I'll get to the whole etiquette thing first then I can rant.

Here are my top five etiquette rules for attending the gym:

1) DO NOT wear a wife beater and jeans - do I really need to explain this? Ugh.
2) DO NOT wear the shirt you wore to the bar last week ladies - I saw you there and I see you now
3) DO NOT wear little spandex and a sports bra - I don't care that you have a smokin' bod and can pull it off. Save it for outside. You're in a public gym. People are there to work out, not pick up. I hope..
4) Please wipe off your machine after you sweat all over it - I do and I'm likely the laziest person at the gym.
5) DO NOT hold hands with your boyfriend/girlfriend. - I really don't think I need to explain this one either.

I'm going to save my rant for later when I do my blog about McDonald's Chicken. Yeah, I said that.


So now that you've learned how to properly go to the gym .. GO! I don't know what you're waiting for. Your heart and your waistline will thank you!!


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