Monday, March 7, 2011

You know you're in first year when ..

Well hello,

Just a warning, before you get all excited that I'm going to actually blog regularly, I'll just say it, I'm not going to start blogging regularly. This rare occurrence of me posting wice in about a week's time is only because I have three tests and a paper due this week, so naturally I've thrown on some country music and logged in to write something for you all to proof read for me.

In first year everyone thinks that they are God's gift to the earth, I'll admit it, I've been there done that. Except I didn't think that.. I just knew it. :)

So on to my rant about the youngsters who can't hold their liquor. To get started I've got a little bit of a list. You see, lists are my thing. I make lists for everything - packing, groceries, homework, to-do, daily/weekly tasks. Oh man, now I feel like the girl from John Tucker Must Die. Except her lists were lists of things no one in their right mind actually makes lists of. So here's my "You know you're in first year when" list!

1. You look like you are wearing your grad dress to a Hoedown Week event. - I get that you probably wanna be taken home by an Aggie (don't know whyyyy hahaha) but all that dress says is EASY. And if you're not easy, then you're just unprepared for the cold bus ride to Dix which is equally as bad. Just sayin'

2. You are excited to eat at Pembina Hall.

3. You get wasted off three coolers (okay, maybe this happens to some seasoned drinking veterans too..)

4. You go to the liquor store at LEAST once every week - when you are old and wise you just stock up

5. Wise Guys doesn't mean anything to you, but you really wish you could understand why your older friends get teary eyed when you ask about it

6. You go to the gym so you don't gain the Freshman 15 - I've got a newsflash for you, IT'S GONNA GET YOU ANYWAYS.

7. "Homework? Studying? Nah, I'm going to Area/Rockbar tonight"

8. When you tell your parents you have to get off the phone cause you're going to the library, it's really just your turn in Sociables.

9. Standing up to peer pressure flies out the window

10. Here's one for athletes: Your name is rookie, and you pick up lots of cones and put away a lot of pinnies.

So that's all folks. I really do need to hit the books believe it or not. I'd really like to procrastinate a little bit more, but The Real World: Las Vegas starts on Wednesday night which means I should get some extra studying in between now and then cause let's face it I might go into a depression if I don't get to watch it. You'll see me on that show one day, you just wait. It'll likely be the greatest treat everr.


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  1. just like to comment... on hoedown week my sister asked if dix was a nice place, why? cause everybody in res was wearing dresses... to which my reply was, girls that wear dresses to bars are slutting it up for the d-floor... thursday rolls around... she wore a dress HA