Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is Bieber even a real last name?

Seriously. I was just on iTunes checking out some new music and there were a couple of JB songs in a row and I asked myself "Is that even a normal, real last name that actual people have?" Not that I really care about the youngster, it was just a question that popped into my big brain and I figured I should share my wealth of knowledge.

Next on my agenda, announcing that Yellowcard's new album "When you're through thinking, say yes" comes out on Tuuuuuesday!! Yippee!! I feel like their sound never changes and is always so so good and just makes me so happy! The two best shows I've ever seen: Yellowcard and Taking Back Sunday, with Dashboard a close third lol .. interestingly enough, Moneen opened at both those shows, they sure know how to set the mood!!

Next. The mean milkshake man. I went to Cowboys for my first time EVER on Saturday and it has potentially become where I wanna go for my birthday! Anyways, post bar we go to McD's of course and I was convinced to try the Shamrock Shake.. it wasn't really for me. But that's not important. What's important is that as a nice citizen of the world, I offered my shake to the entire McD's before I got up to leave. Didn't wanna waste it and throw it out! So the guy behind me is like "Oh, I'll take it" so I gave it to him. And not five seconds later, did he CHUCK IT AT THE WALL. So I yelled at him and then the security guard looked at him and said something and thennnnnn 'Mean Milkshake Man' blamed it on lil ol ME! Asshole! So then I got even madder and then my friend Ryan started to yell at him and then he wanted to beat up Mean Milkshake Man so I had to convince him not to and then we left. That's my story. I was not impressed! I am pretty sure he ended up getting kicked out though cause they left as we were getting into Alastair's car! Pretty excellent night besides that mishap.

Neeeext. Taking Back Sunday is in the process of getting their album ready for release. BEST NEWS EVERRRRR. Cause I am their biggest fan EVERRRR. Love, love, loooveee.

Okay, that's enough for today. I just figured everyone needed to be warned about giving away your milkshakes cause apparently Kelis didn't get hers thrown at walls.

Peace, love and happiness.


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