Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Things I am privileged to hear

My mind tends to wander a lot, especially when I'm sitting in class. (And unfortunately, and my friends will vouch for me on this one, my mind wanders a lot during conversations and I will randomly say something completely unrelated at any time. My bad.)

So, today I'm sitting in Intro to Travel Leisure (which is supposed to be a GPA booster and if I'm lucky I'll get a B, so I don't recommend it as a GPA booster unless you take it online since all online classes are a breeze). As I was saying, my mind wanders a lot during class and basically I just tend to overhear a lot of things. Today we watched some videos of disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the whole Japan Tsunami thing, and so the mood in the room was a little quiet. However, I do know how one girl's weekend went and I'm going to tell you all about it. Most of this dialogue is gonna be made up, but you'll get the gist (jist?) of it!

Girl 1: Oh hey!
Girl 2: Hello! Oh, you got a new Blackberry? Cool!
Girl 1: Yeah, I just got it yesterday because I lost my old one on the weekend.
Girl 2: Oh no, that is too bad!
Girl 1: Add me to BBM!
Girl 2: Okay!
(Long story short about this part is that something was wrong and it took them all of class to figure it out.. I know this because Girl 1 kept saying "Wow I can't believe that took us ALL class!" Onward...)
Girl 2: So how did you lose your phone?
Girl 1: Well, this guy who is my friend's friend's friend gave me a ride home and I forgot my phone in his car when he dropped me off. So I called the phone right when I got in the house and realized that I musta left it in the car. No one answered, then I went to his work on Sunday and he said he didn't have it and it wasn't in his car. But I know he was totally lying. Like, what kind of 31-year-old steals from a 24-year-old? It's actually a little depressing that I got my phone stolen
Girl 2: Oh man, that is crazy! Are you sure that you left it in his car?
Girl 1: Yes, I was practically completely sober. And my phone was on the top of my purse, so it must've slid out when I got out of the car. And I checked out on the road and it wasn't there, so it HAD to be in his car. I'm acually sick to my stomach about it.
Girl 2: (didn't really say much after that)

So while people's homes are being flooded and their towns are getting tsunami-ed to shit and they are losing family members and pets and countries are losing shit tons of money because they have to rebuild like, everything, and are not really making any money cause let's face it - no one really wants to go on vacation in that country right now .. homegirl is angry with the world for stealing her Blackberry. I seriously think there's something wrong with being sick to your stomach about getting your Blackberry stolen. Seriously CANNOT believe that she was so concerned. I mean, yeah, it does suck that you have to spend a couple hundred extra bucks now getting a new phone and  a new plan and stuff but in the grand scheme of things you still have a house to go to, you still probably have a car to drive, you're still able to go to school, you can go to work .. you can do EVERYTHING you could do before.

I feel like people get worked up about such little things that can be fixed so easily. I guess I kinda used to, but (this is gonna sound so dumb but whatever just stop reading if you're gonna complain ahahah) in grade 11 I failed a bio test. It was the first thing I ever failed in my life. I had been at Ontario Cup the weekend before so I didn't really have time to study but I still didn't think I was going to fail. I was pretty upset but it made me realize that the world keeps spinning even if you make a mistake. Now if anything not so great happens I tend to just take it in, say to myself "everything happens for a reason" and move on. There's no reason to get my panties in a bunch over something that's already happened and that I can't change. And there's always going to be someone, somewhere, having a worse day so I should stop feeling sorry for myself that the store didn't have my size in something I wanted. That was a pretty dumb example, but I'm sure there are some people out there that would throw just a mammoth hissy fit if they couldn't find their size. Take a chill pill. All your fit is going to get you is some extra grey hairs from the stress and dirty looks from everyone in the store. Jeeeez louise.

And I guess that's my cue to log off cause this is starting to make a whole lotta NONsense. And I have to go write my part of a group paper .. that only has to be like five pages long anyways. Easy peasy.

Oh, and while you're at your computer .. go listen to the TBS song that just got released. It's caled El Paso. It sounds a little rougher than their old stuff.. Probably cause I'm pretty sure they were working with Eric Valentine. But they might not have worked with him this time around. I have no idea. I'm just tryin' to sound smart. But go listen to it.

So remember next time someone spills their drink on you at the bar: it'll wash off in the laundry and everyone's drunk so they're not gonna notice anyway.
Remember next time you fail a test: the world's not going to crash down on you even though you studied your ass off and never wanna be seen in public again. Take a deep breath and just get ready to rock the next one
Remember next time you feel stressed: Deep breath. Write a list of everything you have to do. Cross it off once it's done - that's a good feeling. DON'T let yourself think thoughts like "I'm never going to get this done in time", "I shouldn't've left this to the last minute, I'm going to fail now." cause there's nothing you can do about it now except hammer through and then you know for next time to pull up your socks a little sooner.

laura catherine harrison.

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