Friday, April 8, 2011

Best sports team in history..

I have no idea how to start this off. I was trying to think of something sentimental but it's not coming into my brain just yet so gimme some time.

What is orange, likes the Thirsty Penguin and ties a lot of soccer games? WALRUS ATTACK! Just the fantastic co-ed soccer team I was lucky enough to be a member of for their 2009-2010 indoor season.

I still remember my first car ride to the field. Red Epica. Garrett. Passion Pit. Win. I had no idea where we were actually going. and when we got there I was surprised to see a bunch of ice rinks and a soccer field all in one place. I got to sign up and even had an official membership card to this place, really flattering picture as per usual.

Led by our fearless leader, Matt, who probably played the entire season with a sprained ankle?, Walrus Attack is a group of mostly Swan River natives and their recruited friends. Weekly league play kept us Walruses (Walri?) in tip top drinking shape leading up to the year end bash. I mean.. kept us in excellent physical shape! Oh, I guess a shout out to Garrett the goalie is in order since he said I should write this blog. HI GARRETT!

Okay on a little bit of a serious note. Walrus was something I (and I'm sure my teammates) looked forward to every week. If we had a week off I got sad! I think sports is one of the best ways to meet people and Walrus Attack proves it. Everyone on that team is so friendly and fun and welcoming! We had our own little orange jersey-ed family and it was excellent. (Wow my lack of writing skills is getting worse as exams get closer, this is not good.) 

I don't remember which division we were in, but judging by some of the people we played against, we were in the World Cup. Seriously, Mr 30-year-old playing against 20-somethings, you can take the seriousness down a notch please. I'm here to have fun, and I waaaaas until you showed up and got upset over a little push off the ball and cried to the ref. Ughhhh. I guess that's part of what made it fun though, cause we could get some good beaks in once in a while.

So most importantly, the Thirsty Penguin, our home away from home.. our drinking hole.. our place of comfort after an undeserving loss or tie. Ooooh, I just remembered the popcorn. It was delicious. Team beers (which I even drank!) and popcorn was the perfect post-game. We'd sit up in the penguin forever just talking and watching the games that went on after ours. Good times!

My season ended in a torn MCL and a dislocated patella. If I didn't play Walrus that wouldn't have happened, but Walrus is one of the best things I've done in Winnipeg so I don't have a problem with it! I do have a problem, however, with the lack of points I put up on the board. Lol I was not that big of a help getting goals or making assists. My excuse: I'm a goalie!! I only played in net once for WA and that was enough for me!

I clearly have no organization skills when I'm writing.. or skills at writing in general, but I've been blogging for a while now so you should be used to it. I just put on the screen what comes into my brain, and for it to make a little bit of sense at all is actually a miracle because I constantly have 1000 different things running through my head!

So I guess I'll make a little conclusion? Walrus Attack was one of the best parts of my year last year. I had so much fun and met some great people. I regret drinking the Walrus Piss at the year end bash but the Mike's Hards and the Lab Lights were excellent. I wish I could've played again this year but time did not permit with school, Bisons and my super demanding job (ahhahaha).

That was a terrible conclusion.

Umm, I think I'm going to go read a book on how to write things that make sense.


LCH, #5 Walrus Attack.

PS - I was just informed by Rugby Shorts Goalie that "If its about WA, it should be laced with profanity and mention that win or lose, we booze"

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