Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Year in review

In less than five hours I will write my last exam of the term, so naturally I'm busy packing .. er, studying! Well, clearly I'm not doing either because I'm writing this blog. AnyWHOOO
Year in review.. well, school year in review. I feel like I'm pretty official doing one of these. We'll start in August cause that's when I come here for training camp. Ready, GO.

I arrive back in Arthur V Mauro and unpack. Yippeeee new place! Kinda lonely for the first two weeks sans roommate, but obviously I survived. Mostly on BBQ chickens from Superstore, but I survived.
Two a days are KILLER and I'm with my teammates for literally everyday for like three weeks. Perfectly okay with that. We all have ridiculous cores thanks to Dr Dean, and have seen Michelle's one-piece fly around the air. Probably the closest soccer team of all time. Let's see who will join Meagan and I on the 12 hour binge adventure next year and play flip cup with strangers while their wives are sleeping inside. HAHA.

Laura's dry-except-for-Thanksgiving-weekend season starts. Better known to the rest of the world as soccer season. School starts again and is slow in assignments and tests so I almost convince myself school is enjoyable. Soccer isn't going so great, we don't seem to win any soccer games. Uh, I guess September didn't have too many exciting events.
616 had their house warming party. With a hot tub in the back yard. Lucky for the world I was in dry season and had a game the next day.

October only means one thing.. okay, two. One is midterms and assigments start happening so I do a lot of kicking myself in the butt saying "Laura, you idiot. Why didn't you start working on this wayy earlier?". Second thing is THANKSGIVING! Woop! Our soccer team mighta got a little crazy at Dylan's, nbd. Oh, which reminds me a few of us did the hill run the morning before. Let's just say I'm amazed I'm not STILL sore. Just intense.
Aha, this also reminds me that I may or may not have drank the next weekend after we got back from BC at 896. The boys were havin' themselves a little housewarming I believe. I went home with the number one prize: Galbraith's Club jacket. Win. But I'm too nice and gave it back within the next few days. All I can say about that party, is that I doubt the carpet on the stairs will ever be the same. And lucky for Mac, the seat-less bike was taken away before he could ride it down the stairs.

Soccer season is over. We didn't make playoffs. So do the math and we didn't make it to nationals either. On the bright side my biggest brother got married. In Palm Springs. First time the entire fam jam was together in years so it was just twelve million tonnes of fun. Ian came too, poor guy had to meet everyooone. I think he got an A+ though. I feel like when my mom handed him a beer at breakfast and said "It's this or nothing" he realized he could easily fit in. HAHA. I'm pretty sure I was the only person in the house the whole week that actually used the pool. I mean, yeah, it wasn't that warm. But who doesn't like a good swim!?
Two weeks off soccer then we started up practicing again and having conditioning practices which were some of the hardest runs I've ever done.

Finals, finals, finals. Ugh. Worst time of the year. It's not even that easy to look forward to Christmas cause you gotta get through finals first. It's probably not the world's biggest secret that I failed Human Phys 1, so after a long depression, I finished finals and made the really super duper long trek home. One hour flight. We celebrated that the Pal the night of our last final.. we'll leave it at that.
Went to Toronto for Christmas this year, so got to celebrate with more family than usual which was nice.
Didn't get to go snowboarding enough, but Dad and I went out to Lutsen for a day which was super fun!

January is the cold equivalent of September school-wise. Soccer is super busy again, so it literally does feel like September. Except.. drum roll please.. January means HOEDOWN WEEK! WOOOOP! I've already summarized Hoedown for you all in a previous entry. So I'll just say this: If you've never been to a Hoedown event. What the heck are ya waitin' for!? January I hope. Cause it's literally the best week of life. For Aggies it's like Reading Week a month early.

Feb, feb, feb. Nothing exciting happens in February except the waiting game for Reading Week. I went out to Ian's cause we were gonna go to Assessippi. But I'm bad luck with Cook vehicles and Ian's dad's truck decided we were only gonna make it halfway there. So we went out to Dosa and watched the boys play pond hockey!! Ooh, and then we played a game called "Settlers of Catan" at Ian's brother's place. I recommend it. Went home for a few days aswell and did some shopping in Duluth. Not going to talk about how my trip ended because.. well, yeah.

March means one thing. Only a month until the single most important day in the history of the world. My birthday. March also means.. lots of assignments to get done. And soccer to play. But really, besides the usualy stuff my March wasn't too eventful! Ian's birthday is in March, so for a week a year I get to date 'an older man' .. well I dunno if man is the right word..

MY  BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAAAY weekend was pretty UN-real. Maria "Serena Williams" Dzikowska flew in for the weekend WOOOOP. And Meghan came from ol' Beausejour to join the festivities as well. Win. Cowboys didn't know what hit it. And I didn't get kicked out on my Bday like Dewey did. Just saying. I turned 21, so I'm mature and responsible now. Big girls don't cry .. uh.. Yeah.
My phone went to phone heaven. Huge shout out to Cori and Pam for saving my life. Cori by Skype and Pam for donating her phone services for the day.
Finals are winding down and I'll be home tomorrow for a week. My brothers and sister-in-law and sister-in-law to be lol are gonna alllll be home. CANNOT wait.
Moving my stuff into my new house tonight after my exam! Leah and I are moving in with Alison.. or as Ian and James call her, Asshole, which I will never understand. We're most definitely going to have a greaaat time :)

Hasn't happened yet. Duh.

So. Thanks to all my friends out here who made this year a pretty decent one! My teammates for everything I probably can't say in public.. PUSSAAAAAAAAAAAYS. Leah. Well. You sure put up with a weird roommate. You get a gold star. Ian, you're alright I guess. :)

So I guess I will be in TBay next time I blog .. or over at my new place in St Norbert. Just a hop, skip, stumble away from the Nob. Baaaaaaaad idea.

Laura Catherine Harrison
aka big red
aka odoyle
aka LC
aka DGA

Oh I forgot I was supposed to blog about my alter egos. I will eventually. Just like I was supposed to blog about how awesome of roommates Leah and I are. Oh well. All things come with time. Don't rush me. BYE

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