Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pick one.

Study cause I have a test tomorrow, shower cause I reek of chlorine from my swim or blog.

You can guess my pick. Whoops.

I have to pick up Ian from the airport in an hour and .. well I'm just going to tell him that I got new perfume and unfortunately smells like chlorine. And I'm going to tell him that he has to head straight back to Neepawa because I have to study A LOT and don't have time to hang out with him. Poor guy.

I have had quite the day, actually. Started as most have this week with a leisurely bike ride to school! Quick 20 minute jaunt, fantastic. (Course, the way home yesterday I literally thought the wind was going to blow me into the ditch, no exaggeration). Fell asleep in class only once, week's record cause usually it's more than that. Studied for a couple hours after class. Went to swim laps with Sarah and Meagan. Oh my geeeee. Swimming is not easy. And I didn't look the part. Black soccer spandex, lime green camo sports bra. Winner. But I did have goggles weeoooo! I can't do the front crawl properly anymore. You know - one, two, three - breathe. Nah. I can do a half lap like that then I turn to the one, two breathe. Front crawl, back stroke and breast stroke. And probably not nearly as many laps as the other swimmers. Whatever, Phelps better watch his back cause I'm on my way. Post swim we got Tim bits and did some planning for the kids soccer camp Bison soccer is running out in Rivers, MB this weekend. The team is camping. And Mark gave us his game of Ultimate Werewolf. (Look it up.) Things are going to get interesting.

So since I'm sure you really miss my rants .. here's two about smokers. Well, they're not so much rants but statements.

1. To the guy I see leaving the gym and lighting one up - just because you worked out doesn't mean you're not going to get lung cancer.. or whatever the hell else can happen to you from cigarettes. You're an idiot. And you look stupid waiting for your ride outside of a gym with a dart hanging out of your mouth.

2. To the not so small person who thinks smoking is going to help them lose weight - You're not very smart. Yeah, maybe you'll lose a few LBs cause your appetite will go etc etc. But you're really not doing your body much better. Eat something good for yourself. Go for an effing walk. Seriously. If you're taking up smoking - you're probably just replacing your addiction to food. That's not exactly the right answer dumbshit. Pardon my French but I get so frustrated with people. It is honestly SO easy to be active. You literally just have to go for a walk. For goodness sakes GARDENING AND HOUSEWORK counts as physical activity.

Okay so I guess that turned into a bit of a rant. I still have tons of studying to do .. and I guess the shower is going to have to wait. Ew. Ha ha but I can check blog off my to-do list at least. Seeing as it is my number one priority and all..

Also, I just got the new iTunes song of the week - it's pretty decent. Give it a listen "So High" - Creature

A bientot.

Laura "Don't call me ginger" Harrison

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