Monday, November 28, 2011


Okay folks. Here is pretty much my thought processes this entire weekend working at the volleyball games. They're gonna be a little sporadic so bear with me. (Is that the right bear? Bare. No, bear.)

First off. Sorry girls, but clearly the only reason half the guys were in the crowd is because there's enough butt cheek showing that you could wear your spankies to a beach in Brazil and you wouldn't be overdressed. Ahh please don't bend over again.

Hmm, what can I say next? Volleyball boys might possibly have the worst bods. No offence. I mean, when they change their shirts before the game it's hard not to stare cause they're so ripped, but like.. When they're just in their shorts and jerseys they just look like overly tall, scrawny 12 year olds. With moustaches.

Oh shoot. I had so many things on my mind while I was working and now I can't remember.

Oh. How about the power trip the ref went on. One game. Four yellow cards. The first two were simultaneous - one for a guy on each team. I think they were beaking chirping each other or something stupid. Good job, trying to chirp a guy in volleyball where you are separated by a net and can't even push each other a little bit without getting in trouble. So tough. The second one was when the Bisons libero slammed the ball down after it was dead and they lost a point. I mean, yeah I guess it was unsportsmanlike.. but a yellow card, really? After you showed up late, Mr. Ref, you're just gonna throw out cards errwhere? Good job. And the last one... no one really knows what happened. The Bisons setter got it. But.. I don't think he actually did anything wrong to be honest. I'm security (haha not really) so I notice everything that's going on. Just saying.

How about the 6'7" Russian girl that weighed as much as my leg on the Alberta women's team? She was terrible. She missed most serves. Could NOT pass. Didn't hit very hard.. like I could even probably hit harder and I have the upper body strength of a 5 year old child (and that's me being generous to myself). But we start strength training again this week so I'll be jacked. NBD. .. But probably not. I am also pretty sure I didn't see this broad block very much. And she literally could just put her hands up and she'd still be like three feet over the net. Jeepers.
Speaking of getting jacked. Just so everyone knows and isn't surprised when they see me at Christmas. I'm getting fat. I'm planning on auditioning for the Biggest Loser. And you have to have 85 pounds to lose. JK. But not really.

Going to sleep now. Seeing as I spent my whole evening practicing for my stupid pathology lab exam. Graca looks like a mummy. I taped her up real good. Hopefully by Tuesday I can actually do an ankle wrinkle free. :S

Except Kim and Kourtney Take New York is on .. again. So it's a little difficult to sleep when I know I could be watching such an educational television program.

Bye bye from the fatty!

Editor's note: Laura is just joking about being fat. Hopefully. Also, the cat just farted. I'm dying.

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