Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let me introduce..

my second/third/youdothemath cousin, Jaide Chyzyk.

But seriously. Here's the way the family tree works then I'll get into the good stuff. My mom had a cousin. He had two sons. One had a daughter. That is Jaide. Good biology lesson.

So I have known Jaide since we were probably in grade 5 - I lived in Thunder Bay and she used to come from Edmonton to visit her Nan and some other family. We used to go to Chippewa Park and ride the roller coaster and the Tilt-a-Whirl over and over til Nan (my great-auntie Mary) decided it was time to go. And we'd zoom away in her red car circa the 80's to go eat at the Pizza Hut Supper Buffet (Now I want dessert pizza and breadsticks). Now, Jaide liked to sing. She sang all the time. I remember her singing at Pizza Hut and I reeeeally remember her singing while we were all supposed to be sleeping out at my camp (or for you weirdos - my cabin). We never got the classic "If you aren't quiet we'll separate you" though. Point for Jaide.

I couldn't tell you the last time I actually saw Jaide, but she still sings. Wellll, she raps! And she's pretty darn good. She's got a pretty tough sound but a big ol' heart, so don't let her music fool you! Jaide still lives in Edmonton where she performs regularly and has even opened for big names like Swollen Members and Bone Thugs & Harmony. Soon she will be debuting a mixtape "Allow Me To Introduce Myself" and will release a full length LP, "It's Just Jaide", in the spring. I'm a huge creep and got all this info from her FB page ( - you should click the link and 'Like' her page, duh) as well as this website which I am assuming is like the PureVolume of rap. Yeah, I'm good at researching. At least I'm honest. But seriously, her music is pretty bad ass. Check out her video (it's legit!) Warning, this song has bad words in it. So if you're under 18, ask your parents if you can watch it. Also if you're under 18, I don't know why you're reading this blog. Jaide's little sister Brooklyn is in the vid - adorbs. And then once you're done that you might as well listen to the other songs she has on her YouTube page/account/I don't know what they're called

You are all very welcome for all the links. I know, I have studying to do to and I wrote a blog. So suck it up, click the links and like her pages. Show some love to my fam jam. Or else. :D


PS - I wish I had a childhood photo of us on my computer. We were really pretty. Just sayin'.

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