Friday, March 2, 2012


So for those of you living under a rock the Winnipeg Jets are back in the NHL. Duh. And tonight I got to celebrate my 22nd birthday a month in advance and I went to the MOST IMPORTANT GAME OF THE SEASON (thank you jumbotron) with my cousin Kelly.. who was celebrating her 17th birthday a little early. WOOOO! I am going to tell you about my amazing night and leave you all in suspense as to how the game ended. If you are not living under said rock you probably already know.

First off, story of our lives - I had strength training and Kelly had hockey til 6. So we couldn't sit down and enjoy a nice pregame meal like the rest of Winnipeg. No. She picked me up (yes, I have a 16 year old chauffeur) and we called Nicolino's and said: "Kelly and Laura would like a sorrento salad and breadsticks to pick up in ten minutes please" and they answered "Yes, your majesty". Okay, not really. But we did get it in 15 min and it was DELICIOUS and everyone needs to try it. Their breadsticks are unbelievable and the salad is unlike any other. We realized we had some time to spare so we ate it in the truck.. in the parking lot. So classy right? Then we realized we needed to get on the road and Kelly ate her salad out of a Tim's cup. Not a Roll up the Rim winner. We also realized that since I was done eating I should drive so she's not awkardly eating out of a cup and driving at the same time. Chinese fire drill.

Let's get ready to rumbleeee. (insert sound effects.. you know the ones.. if you don't.. go brush up on your Jock Jams)
GAME TIME. The crowd is INSANE. It's a full house and everyone is soo excited. The woman beside me reminded me of my mom - lots of  "Oh!"s when they almost score and some jumpy legs. She used to kick her legs to try and help my soccer team score. Sorry for telling everyone, Lu, but you know better than to tell me stuff like that. Dancing Gabe came real close to us. I'd like to know where he goes to dance class cause I think I want to sign up. He's got the moves. We had a drunk girl trying to start the wave in our section. And we saw some real life puck bunnies hopping about in 6 inch heels the section beside us. I wanted to catch one to feed Callie but I don't think Callie likes eating rabbits.


Full house!
 Oh, how could I forget that at second intermission we got interviewed for Jets TV! It happend. And when the cameraman asked who we thought the cutest Jet was.. I couldn't think of anyone so I said "I have a boyfriend I can't say" AHHA. SO CLEVER. Clever Cathy. That's me.

Everytime the Jets scored it was like an earthquake. But a good one that ends happy. It was the greatest time everrrrr and Kelly and I have a really good secret handshake now. (One single arm high five, a two handed high five and then a chest bump). 

Okay, before I sign off, I would just like to say that the 50/50 ticket seller said he wanted my hat for the tickets. He also asked me what I was taking in school when I said I was a poor student and could really use the money if he could please just let me win. When I said "Kinesiology" he said "Oh, you like giving people drugs!" and I said, "No, exercise. The best drug." Interesting.

Okay this blog is boring now because Rhoni was sitting in the second row and could smell their sweat which is a way better story than I could ever write. Tomorrow is our Bison Soccer "You are what you drink" social. Rhoni and I are going as Byfuglien shots. With fishing licenses.


PS - Kelly doesn't like pictures. So there isn't one of us. But we were awesome.
PPS - Jets won 7-0. Here they are looking for me in the crowd to say "Thank you for coming, Laura. You are da beshttt"

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