Friday, June 8, 2012

It's summer, but you should still wear clothing.

Hey folks!

So on my run last night, I made a few observations that I would like to share with y'all. I pretty much wrote this whole blog in my head while I was jogging. (That is my excuse for why I was slow - I can't really multi-task)

Numero uno, no matter how old you are (but mostly if you are over the age of 4 - when it is no longer socially acceptable/cute to run around with no clothes on), if you are out for a leisurely stroll or even working in your yard.. Please don't be spilling out of your short shorts and tube top. I guess that was directed toward women (most of whom tend to be leather skinned.. just saying). So men.. well, no one wants to see your plumber crack. Belt it up. Or just wear clothes that fit. Yeah, that can be my unisex advice: Wear clothing that fits you.

Second, bike riders - please take these instructions to heart: If you are riding on the sidewalk (which you aren't supposed to do) please be mindful of me. I know it might be hard to see me cause I run so fast and I'm easy to miss (Just kidding, I KNOW you can see my bright red face from like three streets away, not to mention hear me breathing), but I would appreciate if you moved over a little bit so I don't have to go on the grass and dodge someones hedge. Furthermore, stop texting and biking. Who do you think you are? Iron Man? Cause you're not. He doesn't drive a Supercycle. This whole texting thing leads me to my main point - if you are texting with two hands, and you are riding on the sidwalk, that means you are balancing with no hands. Respect. However, that means you are even more likely to run into me. So don't be surprised when your phone melts from my laser death stare at you.

I wonder if I have a number three.

Here's one. If you are sprinklering your lawn (Which people ARE doing, believe it or not - despite Thunder Bay being in a state of emergency from flooding and the entire city being asked to conserve water. AKA don't water your lawn if we aren't even supposed to flush our toilets, bozo.), don't place it somewhere where it is going to overtake a section of sidewalk. That's annoying. Just cause you probably never exercise and think it would be nice for someone to walk or run or bike or rollerblade or skateboard or hop through a little water when it's a hot day doesn't mean it is appreciated. Why would I want my iPod to get wet? Exactly.

There are some positives that come out of my attempts at a healthy lifestyle. Approximately 90% of the times I go running, I see at least one deer. Five minutes from my house. I think we have a deer problem in Thunder Bay. My reasoning? I literally can run 5 feet from them and they don't even flinch. That's an issue. Maybe I'll build a pen in my backyard and keep one for a pet. My parents don't want another dog, but they've never said anything about a deer.

Second, is the great view of Lake Superior and the Sleeping Giant (Google it) that I get when I run down Valley St. Since both my cellular device and iPod are ghetto, I've gone to great lengths (Google Maps) to find a picture of the view. But Google doesn't give it justice so use your imaginations.

Shoot, now that I've added the picture to this post, it's even smaller and you really can't tell it's nice at all. So, seriously, use your imagination.

I guess I'll go exercise now, or something (If you're going to put money on me .. put it on me doing something, not excersizing.)

Have a great weekend!


PS - I'm starting a Tumblr. It's kinda boring right now, but check it out anyways. It won't be anything like Great Day or What Should We Call Me, but it's still gonna be worth your while to take a peek.
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  1. omg i LOVE YOU ... you make me smile and laugh .. i miss you lau lau!!