Friday, January 18, 2013

Da mountainssss

Oh hiiiii, thanks for dropping in.

So let me tell you about the past week of my life - cause it's pretty exceptional.

Once upon a time I was in high school and all I wanted to do was snowboard. Every single day. Then it was time to apply for university and I did that and went and played soccer at U of M.. I mean, got a degree. Cause let's face it, if I went and took a year off and went out snowboarding there is no way I would want to go to university afterward. Yeah, I probably would but whatever. Now I'm done university and I am currently residing in Fernie, British Columbia. And watching Footloose.

So how did I end up here? Well, it's simple. I went to Neepawa for a week. Then Winnipeg for Hoedown. Then Calgary for a night. Then I took the Greyhound (and kept all limbs and head in tact) and arrived here in Fernie. I can't really tell you exactly how I chose to come out here specifically because.. I'm not really sure of it myself. I just picked it.

I stayed in a hostel for two nights .. I have discovered through this experience that a) a hostel is not somewhere you meet friends because they are probably just leaving in a day or two anyways and b) I am not a hostel person. The rooms are small. The showers are small. They make fat pancakes for breakfast. Okay, I shouldn't complain about the pancakes cause they were free. Then I found a house to live in. It's a family home which is kind of weird but there is another renter so that makes it less awkward to just be living with a random family.

Hmm what else can I tell you? I am sort of working for a kinesiologist. And by sort of I mean I was going to do training for her clients but getting my certification at Christmas fell through and so nowwww I can't train people. So we will see what happens with that. I'm gonna apply at Extra Foods right by my maison. I just don't want to work too much cause.. let's face it this is probably the only time I am going to just move out west and snowboard as often as I want!!!!

Last thing to mention is a list I've got going:
Things I've done for the first time
- rode the Greyhound (I made a new friend named Buddy. He is probably 70.)
- eaten alone in a restaurant
- stayed in a hostel by myself - first time was with my aunt Anne in London, England when I was 16 .. both times the other people sharing our room were snorers. Great.
- hitchhiked!! Everyone here hitchhikes up to the mountain and back to town at the end of the day.
- booked an open ended flight with no plan in particular - I literally came here without a job and without an actual place to stay besides the hostel. I have never been in here in my life either so.. everything is new!

I will try my best to keep blogging every week for your reading pleasure. You can also follow my adventures on Twitter (@lauraharrisonnn) and on Instagram: lauraharrisonnn

xoxo Fernie Girl .. (Maria, I think that is only funny for you and me...)

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