Sunday, January 27, 2013

Semaine deux.

If you are English.. that said "week two" in French.

So week two of life in Fernie went by swimmingly. I made friends and rode four days! That is seriously the extent of my life here.. I wake up and go snowboarding. We got some fresh snow this week which a) we needed and b) was amazing. I have never rode on so much powder in my life. Legs were dead by the end of it all. I also managed to introduce my face to a few tree branches but do not worry, I still look like *Insert hot celebrity here*.

I have also been on Pinterest a lot in my spare time (Spare time = time not snowboarding). I am seriously going to become the best cook ever. I have 'liked' over 300 things on Pinterest and I am going to cook as many of them as I possibly can while I am here and I will give you a report. Tonight I made Baked Cheddar-Broccoli Rice cups. When I cook, I just make a ton and freeze leftovers so that I can just pull it out and not have to cook some nights. So this recipe made 8 little muffin things and I am freezing 7 cause.. naturally, I ate one. I didn't have ranch dressing so I just used some plain Greek yogurt.. come to think of it, I don't know how I would feel about the ranch flavour in them. Next time I would definitely put more broccoli though, or maybe just chop up the broccoli smaller. They kind of fell apart a little bit when I was moving them from the muffin tin to a ziploc bag so I think next time I will use quinoa instead of rice cause they will probably stick together better. Also, I might line the cups with parchment paper cauuuuuuuse it isn't that much fun washing sticky rice out of a muffin tin. I can definitely think of at least nine trillion more fun things to do. Just call me Martha Stewart. .. Except I won't be going to jail for anything.

I think this is just gonna be a short little post cause I really don't know what else to say. I will try and have a crazy adventure this week so I have something cool to write about. If I don't write another blog next week.... my adventure probably got a little too crazy and I'm either buried under an avalanche (just kidding!) or I am in jail (afterall, I did say I was the new Martha Stewart).

So until next time,


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