Friday, February 8, 2013

Things I don't understand

In this gigantic world, there are many things I just don't get about it. Here they are:

1. Why do women 'need to get into shape' for their wedding? First of all, don't you wanna be in shape for your whole life, not just a day? Second, .... why do you need to be in shape? Are you running a marathon up to the alter? The proper thing to say, in my opinion, is "I need to lose weight to look good in my wedding dress." But really... If you get something that fits properly, it's gonna look good regardless of whether you are 200 pounds or 130 pounds. In my opinion. This is what happens when you watch Say Yes to the Dress all the time - you analyze everything the brides to be say. 

2. Why do the contestants on the Biggest Loser think that because they have lost 100 pounds and got their lives back that it is okay for them to be fitness instructors and personal trainers. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate how hard the contestants worked to lose the weight and become healthier but that doesn't mean you can teach everyone else and their dog how to live their lives. I just spent four years of my life earning a kinesiology degree so I can educate about and promote health and work in the exercise field .. maybe I should have just gained a bunch of weight and applied to be on the BL instead? Furthermore, I don't think I agree with what this show is promoting. Weight loss shouldn't be a competition for money. It is a competition with yourself for your life. Duh.

3. Why are girls so concerned with having a thigh gap? I mean, yeah it would be nice for my legs not to rub together when I'm running lol but that's what spandex are for. If you are that concerned, just snowboard .. you'll have a thigh gap all day while you're riding. ahhaha

4. Why can't bagels be calorie free?

5. Why do I keep getting e-mails from banks I don't bank with and celebrities offering me weight loss tips? They go in my junk mail which is a clue that it's just garbage and I obviously never open them.. which brings me to what I truly don't understand - why do people open these e-mails and become vulnerable to viruses and scams? Seriously. This is just like when you win a cruise by answering your phone (HONK HONK! This is your captain speaking...) Anyone who falls for these scams must have really done something bad in a past life. #idiot

6. Why, all of a sudden, is celiac disease and allergies and diabetes and all sorts of disorders SO prevalent? We really need to figure it out, people. Like, I totally understand gluten free diets and paleo diets and all those different diets, but how come back in the day when our parents were growing up all of this wasn't an issue? There has to be a reason! I guess I'm sure there's tons of research, but let's face it ... I'm not going to read it.

I think that's enough for one day. Six is a good number right? Plus, I have to get out the door and hit the mountain. The sun is shining and there is fresh snow waiting for me. I had planned on leaving the house about an hour ago but I hadn't finished my tea yet, E! News was reliving Grammy dresses and I had this idea for a blog that I wanted to get down before I forgot everything. So off to the mountain I go. Time for my daily thigh gap. HA!

Stay safe, eat lots, and exercise often. (And if I was Alastair I would tell you to chew Cope .. BUT THAT'S DISGUSTING)

xoxo Laura

PS Happy birthday shout out to a big fan, Rhoni Mackenzie who is celebrating the 2-3 today. And yesterday, Pam Salter who is a master stir-fry cooker.

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