Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pick my brain

**I wrote this SO long ago and just kept putting off posting it.

I guess I'm due for another blog post .. so here it is for your reading pleasure.

As most of you should know, I moved to Fernie, British Columbia this January. This has been my dream since high school and now that my soccer career (LOL) and kinesiology degree are out of the way - this was the next step for taking over the world ... or at least just my own. I don't have a job, so I consider myself to be a professional snowboarder without the paycheck. Decent enough! I am seriously loving every minute of it and today we had a nice dump of snow so it was super fun riding in some fresh powder after a bit of a dry spell.

A lot of the time while I'm riding, I think.. a lot. Just random thoughts, really. Especially when I am on a solo mish and I'm plugged into my iPod, the thought gears are grinding. So here is a glimpse of some of the things that go through this lil' ol' brain of mine. Just imagine reading them as if you are me .. riding down the mountain or going up the chair..

- I wonder what I should blog about next
- Woah, I just got so much air (I probably didn't leave the ground)
- Oh my gosh this is such a good riding song (during nearly every single song on my shredding play list.. why would I put songs I don't think will be good for riding on it)
- Oh shit, oh shit .. shit shit shit .. (I proceed to fall)
- Oh hi snowboarders sitting in the middle of the hill hanging out, you're annoying, get out of the way
- I could totally move here and be a housewife and just ride every day
- Do kids in Fernie ever go to school?
- I seriously think I'm going to catch an edge. Oh my gosh. Don't fall. (Proceed to fall)
- I could listen to this song aaaaaaaall day (during nearly every song on my play list)
- If I grew up here I would probably be illiterate cause I would just skip school and ride every day
- I really better not crash and need Ski Patrol right now while Ke$ha is playing.. that would be so embarrassing for people to know I think her song is good....
- I really shouldn't ride with my mouth open. If I fall, my tongue will be severed.
- What idiot invented those snow blade mini ski things?

I think that's enough for now.. since you all probably think I'm insane now.

Go out and enjoy the day!

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