Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pack your bags!

So I've lived in Fernie for a little over two months now and I have noticed that ski town fashion is way different from anywhere else and decided I'll write a post about it! You are probably wondering how the heck I could possible write a post about fashion. And I don't blame you, sweatpants and hoodies are a staple in my daily wardrobe (to my defence, I only brought ONE pair of sweats to Fernie, so I do resort to the always classy pair of Lulus). Plus, for the past two months I have literally just lived in my riding gear. I'm just here today to write a few do's and don'ts to help you pack your bags for Fernie... or any ski town for that matter.

- dress for the weather. You're not going to look very awesome when you are shivering your buns off and have to go inside and miss out on riding. If you are concerned you're gonna look like an elephant.. everyone is dressed just as puffy as you, if not puffier so get over it.
- wear faux denim snowpants (actually so sick)
- wear a helmet. Better safe than sorry, plus everybody's doing it
- wear boots.. that are waterproof. Nothing is worse than soggy socks!
- always have a toque on hand for: a) post-shred helmet hair; b) when you don't feel like washing your hair and c) cold walks
- wear old school snow gear. Everything that is old is new again, so rock your mom's hand me down one piece! .. if no one appreciates it, at least I will
- pack lots of extra riding gear in case it's not dry by the next day
- wear goggles or sunglasses. The headache you get from the glare of the snow really sucks plus you can wear them if you're having apres beers on a patio if you forget your sunglasses
- dress comfy at all times. Whether you are riding or out at the bar at night - just be comfy. It's pretty self explanatory as to why you should be comfortable when you're on the mountain but if you are at a bar - dance moves can get pretty intense depending on where you go so you wanna be able to move

- wear actual denim on the slopes. Unless it's on Hot Dog Day. Which is only once a year so.... no actual denim.
- worry. Seriously, don't worry too much about what you look like. Everyone is soooo chill in ski towns.
- be a gapper. If you can help it. And I don't mean a person from Saskatchewan, I mean a person with the giant space between your gogs and your helmet. Reasons: a) it's cold; b) you can get a weird tanline; c) you just look like a noob
- wear a snowsuit that is so tight you can't move... I know I said old school was okay but.. I seriously was concerned once that this one person's pants were gonna split as soon as they sat on the chair
- bring any pairs of high heels. I shouldn't need to explain why. (Boots with heels are okay in moderation if you are a mom) OH MY GOSH This reminds me that last night I went to get some bananas from Extra Foods and out walked Jersey Shore. I'm not kidding. This girl was THE face of JS with little sandal wedges and her bf was so meaty and juiced and tanned. I died.
- forget at least one outfit to work out in. There's always time to fit in a workout!
- wear Uggs. They are just gonna get soaked.
- have your boobs visible when you zip down your jacket when you are riding. This is a serious offence. It actually happened. The car parked beside us one day had this girl with more makeup on her face than you can find in a section of Sephora (that's another don't), a low cut top and .. wait for it .. a denim jacket under her riding jacket. And she wasn't wearing the denim cause it was retro day. SERIOUSLY. I was outraged. Then we saw her again waiting in a lift line, her jacket was unzipped and her goods were out for the world to see. She must have a really good personality or something cause her boyfriend looked normal. The funniest part of the story is that during apres beers they ended up at our table and we all talked. But I still don't like her. Moral of the story: Dress like a nun.


The fashion blogger in sweats and a long sleeve.

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