Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Those three dots represent the little word bubble you see when you are iMessaging with someone. Those three dots are pretty much what is going on in my brain 90% of the time. This is pretty much what it is like to be inside my head - just thinking different thoughts non stop. I'm beginning to think this is why I am so inconsistent with posting blogs because I really don't know what i want to write about and when I do write about something, I just don't like it enough to hit the publish button.

Like I really just don't know what to write about anymore! I know I for sure need a common theme and I need to actually be consistent. And I need followers and readers and ... Sorry but I am seeing a commercial for "Our Little Family" on TLC and I just don't get it. Why are there shows following people around that might be considered 'different'. They are people, not things to be stared at - so why are we dedicating a whole hour per week dedicated to watching them and gawking at them. There is a show on TLC called "My Giant Life" so I guess the premise is kind of the exact opposite of the little people shows but kind of the same idea, right? I totally don't think it is fair for an audience to watch them just because their life is a little bit different when I'm sure they would prefer just to fit in and live their lives, ya know? It just really bothers me that these shows let people see into the lives of people who would otherwise just continue on with their lives instead of now pretty much being looked at like a freak show. It's disrespectful.

It is a little ridiculous how easily I get sidetracked. I also really just need to get to bed. I really need to work on thinking of good topics to write about and actually writing good posts. I would really love to think up some more recipes after the Caesar Burger post last year .. so maybe I'll do that.

BRB y'all, this blog is about to get a makeover!

Dream big dreams, be reckless

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